Tuesday 16 July 2019


*Sponsored entrance in order to facilitate our review. Though gifted free entrance all opinions are our own and honest.
*Links throughout taking you directly to webpage for each exhibit, so you can have the full course and wealth of info needed to go along with our day out.

If you have an inquisitive , who loves museums child; then take a trip to THEMUSEUM in downtown Kitchener Ontario.  A new kind of museum full of interactive areas. No stuffy don't touch rooms. As an unschooling with homeschooling tendencies household , the play and interaction on each floor boasts learning through play for my little guy. Hands on experiences allow you to retain and hold the information longer when seeing and doing is your learning style.
THEMUSEUM is 5 floors with interactive exhibits, some of which are permanent for your day trip delights.

It was tough getting Zach to leave the the first few floors behind and start at the top and work our way down. With a little convincing we headed up the stair case to the 4th Floor Level.

The Galleries on the 4th floor houses the Spectrum Exhibit . All facets of light and colour. One you do not want to miss at all. Spectrum runs until Sept 2019.

The entrance to get into spectrum exhibit , walking the rainbow. Zach is a green freak so he only wanted to enter through the green chains. It was just like being at a carnival walking through. I took full advantage and weaved through the rainbow. the interaction isn't just for the kids.
There were a few interactive places on the walls and throughout for you to test your knowledge and try. I tried to skim them all as much as possible but anything that caught Zachs eye and he went off like a shot.

 The main room holds Play the Rainbow. We could have stayed in that room forever. Lights strung in fabulous arches that you could manipulate and change the color of and add sound.

Some comfy bean bag chairs to just sit in wonder as you looked above you, like under a twinkling of a million stars.
 The piano was a huge hit for Zach and I am sure you could have heard his chorus throughout. Here have a listen for yourself

There was a third room to venture forth into in the Spectrum Exhibit, though I decided that it was going to be a no for me. They had a huge Ball Pit and did not realize till after there was a Balloon room. Balloons floor to ceiling. On the environmental side the balloon room should not be there from my perspective, and well I feel some type of way about the unsanitary conditions contained inside ball pits so I just pulled a mom move and we headed down to the 3rd Floor. The room was clean though and everyone was to take shoes off, just is not something for me. Plus I am pretty sure I would never have gotten my kid out of there and we had just started our adventure.  Well just started the adventure inside THEMUSEUM; we are just going to forget the bus ride in and yep the bus ride home to.

The 3rd floor Main Gallery holds the brain exhibit.

There was just to much here to get through with my little in toe. While he learned many new things about our brains and how they work , his interest was not as enthusiastic as I had hoped it would be. Granted at 7 and knowing my kid I was expecting much , I just would have liked to have spent more time myself going through each item and module that were on display. There was one interactive experience we both loved though and that was the highlight for Zach on this floor. While he did do other things putting your head against a contraption and having you see your brain activity on the screen was so fascinating for him. It was interesting to see just how different each of our brain waves were. There is just so much in this exhibit if you have the time take it and immerse yourself in the Brain.

Heading down to 2nd Floor Family Experience level, there was the electricity Ball and you have to no matter what touch it. I was hoping his hair would go crazy cray , but just did really cool like sparks to his fingers as he moved. I am pretty sure this is a museum staple everywhere and to me it wouldn't be a Museum without it.

So regardless of the intentions I had for the Blog and the wealth of info I wanted to display, all hopes for anything went away the second we rounded the corner on the 2nd floor. With great reason. This floor holds permanent interactive Exhibits and the Creation Station Area. We were there in between events for the day so we missed out on any of the Creative stuff , though I am sure Zach would not have sat through anything esp with all the stuff on that floor.
Huge Lego blocks, bricks, water table, huge magnet wall, floor piano, and so much more. Here mommy go to just take a seat and Zach had free reign to do anything he wanted. run from thing to thing, play , explore, get wet, and just have fun. The water table we had a few school lessons and mommy played there to. The water had cleaner in it which was and is huge plus.

You can check out the events here: https://themuseum.ca/events/

He stayed here and played quite a while on this floor. Great place for younger kids to hang, learn and just explore.

We took a look at the Urban Streetscape project on that same floor before heading to the Grand Atrium on the ground floor. It was neat to see the street view in art. Glad we did also because of the concave mirror. Those are the best, Funhouse giggles. So many giggles and he made endless funny faces, here are 2.

Grand Floor holds the Main Entrance, Gift Shop, Visitor Services, Permanent Exhibits,Fish Tanks Cafeteria, Toddler Area, Cloak Room and entrance to B@THEMUSEUM Restaurant.

Cafeteria was not open for us to use or check out and while the restaurant was very cute and quaint , little bit to pricey and not to Zach friendly. Best to bring snacks.( Nut free is the intention and hope but being a public area not a guarantee, and they have that posted ) There is a large seating area to sit while kids play on the really cool  staple exhibits on the ground floor. Tables and floors not very clean there. But kids play , eat to be expected really. The tots room for little under 4 is a great place for your little littles to hang and not have to worry about intrusion of the bigger kids. The massive building blocks were what kept Zach and needing the prodding to just go past and start at the top.
Tiny little gift shop is very well laid out but expect to pay a fair amount if you want to purchase anything.Par for course it is Gift Shop.

(Gift Shop , unfortunately the great pic I had of the entrance and guest service area got deleted, before I checked to make sure it uploaded.) 

I have only touched the surface of how much is going on there. But this was our experience. To get a glimpse and see everything THEMUSEUM has to offer , head on over to their website and spend a few minutes checking things out. https://themuseum.ca/
The Lower level has the Underground Studio MakerSpace. really wanted to be able to check it out but we were in a date and time difference of availability. Hit up the link and check it out for yourself, to me would be worth checking out for yourself. https://themuseum.ca/the-underground-studio-makerspace/

We had such a great day there and I am so thankful to have received the experience. You really must get in and see both Spectrum and the Brain exhibits. You have until Sept to check them out. September boasts a new exhibit close to my heart and hopefully can get up there to check it out kid free this time.   https://themuseum.ca/exhibitions/upcoming-exhibitions/afterlife/

Admission : 14+ $13.95 each
3-13 $9.95 each
0-2 free
Seniors 65+ 11.95
If you need to be price conscious which I can relate to $7.00 each for everyone on Wednesdays and they also have seniors day on Thursday $5 for 65+
We bused in from Cambridge so I do not know parking situation so there may be a fee for that to.

All in all a great day out, and one I hope you take the time to experience also.

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