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#SmallBusinessShoutout : Luscious D's Natural Body Products.

Who doesn't love a bath bomb?!? After one of those days to sit and let the fizz and scents enfold you as it wipes the day away, oh yeah.. Apart from letting the stress of the day slip away there is also the play aspect and my sons loves a bath bomb bath.
Mix together a skull and it is my kids favorite colour there was no way we were going to make it past the booth. While at an event we went past Luscious D's set up. The bath bomb was gifted for review purposes but the review is all my sons honest opinion, Mommy puts in her two cents as well with all the writing and info you need.

Luscious D's is a local business from Guelph Ontario. They have all natural handmade body products. They do not use any fragrance or palm oil. Danielle Dica is the owner. Make sure to check out her Facebook page for photos of some products and to find out where to buy, as well as you can send her an email. Attending lots of area shows so be on the look out and apart from just a in need of a soak day , perfect stocking stuffer gift.


Zach's review:
Ahh look at the fizzy bomb go and it is my favorite colour. Green is my favorite colour. I want a bath 100 days with all the skull bath bombs in the world. ( That was all I could get from him, he thought it was awesome and he approved thumbs up).

For myself I found that the scent was delicious and the smell of the perfect lemon lime sno- cone wafted through the apartment. Just the use of essential oils and not false fragrance. Scent carried throughout the bath until my kid washed his hair and everything.  There was also intense colour transfer to the water and was much more than I expected but pleasantly so.  Of course there was a mess from the Mica left behind, but really all part of the fun for a kid in the bath. Very much Kid approved fizzing action.
Just from personal inspection before use, I found the bomb to be made very well. Much more compacted than most expensive bombs and there was not a bunch of broken pieces of the product in the bottom of the bag. Stayed intact. You could also actually see the individual ingredients throughout and that was very impressive. The homemade showed through.

There are more products that just the bath bombs so please again make sure to check out the Facebook page.  The price is comparable and you are getting a homemade item with real ingredients, not mass produced chemicals.

#SmallBusinessShoutout : Macey's CBD 4Health

So let's face it.... I am a stressed out , anxiety ridden , growing haggered and old by the day from it all single mom. My kid seriously man. When I say he is extra ,he is legit EXTRAAAAAA and has more energy and life vibrancy than anyone I have ever come in contact with in my entire life. Apparently so say many of the people we meet also. If I could bottle his essence pretty sure I would be a billionaire. But you can't take their light or spirit away and really we create our own stress and allow things to bother us. I knew I needed something to help me out, pretty good at calming down and riding through a panic attack, rephrase, I used to be, and the mom stress forget about being calm in that.
Have thought about CBD before and coming across Macey's CBD 4Health booth while walking around an event I decided to go for it. Product for review was sponsored, though all thoughts and views are my own and honest. 

I have been testing out the CBD lip balm I got mint flavour and the lemon effervescence powder for just a little over a week. I wanted to give them a good go and a long sample test. I used different stages of my "issues" to test how I felt , how long it took etc. Now even if say it all just became a placebo for me , so be it. whatever works right.. And  it did. 

To be clear neither contain THC but they must still be kept away from children. 

The Lip  balm:
Made in Canada, contains CBD oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter and pure essential oils , mine was mint . 

Caffeine does not do well in my system, in fact I go into a severe panic attack with the consumption. I know what is happening to my body and allow the panic wave to run its course but at the same time I usually only have caffeine as part of a counter measure for my Migraines, so who really wants all those side effects on top of Migraine. I chose while we were at the event to drink a caffeine filled coffee , I purposely put myself in panic mode to test the balm  , right then and there. I had people around me  in case it didn't work as support to ride through the attack if needed, not being alone as usually seems to causes more panic.  Right away as soon as my heart started to race I used the balm. Took about 10 minutes for me to calm  down and not have the panic go any further. To note usually at night time the attack comes back severe but with all the scary physical symptoms from  just a bit a caffeine during the day. I did not have any sort of attack at all at night , nothing. I also felt very calm and really good on the way home. The balm was working. I also knew that maybe at this point I was in a placebo mode as we had just been hyped form talking to her, my Aunt and mom tried products as well , and they had positive results almost right away as well. Hence giving the products a proper test. This was just for a self induced panic attack, never mind what I really wanted it for the stress and just needing to calm down. 
All week long any sort of anything brewing inside myself I reached for the balm. Normal every day things that I allowed to cause me stress were not stressful for me anymore. I could take a deep breathe and just relax. The balm was soothing and started to work for me withing 10-20 minutes of whatever seemed to be going on for me. Normally things spiral but the balm stopped the spiral., So even though first initial issue was needing a few minutes to be stopped or perceptive to be turned, what usually happens next didnt happen, so spiral stopped in it's tracks. That is major for me.. 
Will be keeping this on me and ready esp for those shopping trips, moms you know those ones. Our trips are always those ones ;at least with this balm I can be zen and ignore the chaos more easily. 

The Lemon Effervescence powder:

Sleep aid, pain relief,reduce stress, combat anxiety. 
The package says one serving 50 mg, but I have used it a few servings over the week , just split it up. I am bias to the lip balm and don't think I will ever be without it actually from now on as it works, like it really works, placebo or no . Though for sleep aid purposes and to keep me at my calmest on election day the powder worked . I did not get as much of a wash of calm over me as I found from the balm , but I also used one serving as multiples.

For either the balm or powder they were priced $6.00 each or 2 for $10.00 and well worth it to me. 

For ordering and all the details you need please visit her Facebook page and website links are below. She has more on her site , different products so if the balm or powder is not something you need then check out what else she has on offer. .
Contact and ordering can be done through her website linked below. 

DISCLAIMER: There have been no medical claims , nor do I or the products themselves make any. I am just commenting on a natural way for  me to chill the eff out.

#SmallBusinessShoutout :Makin'Faces Face Painting /Infinite Arts

While at an event , Zach got his arm painted by Tania Crook of Infinite Arts and the family friendly Makin' Faces Face Painting. It was free to get it done as she had been commissioned by the event to provide face painting for the kiddos. Zach was first kid for the day I believe.  Her work was awesome and quick. Friendly demeanor, made my little comfortable so she deserves a shout out.
Will link all ways to get in touch. Check out both pages.

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Timothy's Lessons in Good Values Volume 2 Book Review

We all like to be a superhero every now and then. We at least hope in times that require we help out a stranger, neighbor or a potential friend that in those times we would lend a helping hand. Timothy's Lessons in Good Values is a great way to introduce basic morals to your young child. The use of a warrior/ superhero as a normal child main character is a great way to bring the learning to a child's level.  The books are both written and illustrated by Christopher Gordon.

This volume deals with Obedience, Responsibility, and Kindness. I personally cringe a little at the word Obedience and for us in our home I used the word Listening instead but did not take away from the story line and moral impressions given.  I am very impressed with the quality of the book in many aspects. Not just the story , but the physical quality , the use of vibrancy and colour throughout each page. Each Value has it's own chapter and the great part about the end of each lesson  there is a learning page where the kids get to answers questions and you can talk some more about each valuable life lesson you just learned about. It was really great to add in home examples of where your child has displayed or should have displayed said value. What is great with this book is that because of the engagement a discussion can easily start that is not forced for either yourself or your child and it is being down in a positive way. The last few pages of the book have a colour and draw section which I really love. You are also not left with same old boring white pages like normal books either. Christopher's use of vibrant colours makes the book more appealing and the words pop out at you. I would recommend this book for all libraries and would make great presents for sure.
Of course my little guy had to run around being the Warrior of Good and changing from his normal self to the Hero. Though did not last as long as I hoped 😉
He really liked the book especially a certain battle with a bear.
The mini stories are great , kids can relate to them and they offer a bit of action and adventure just enough to keep your child entertained. This all goes on while learning a great lesson. A lot of times we push our children to be and act morally but just telling your kids can fall short. Christopher has done a great job in helping teach children through his books in a none authoritative nor pushy way. 

 Holidays are approaching and there are so many holidays and special days all through the year and I believe these books would make perfect gifts.


(Picture from Website) 

Christopher Gordon is an award winning graphic designer and author. He was born in the tiny island of Trinidad & Tobago where he worked as a professional graphic artist for various advertising firms. His passion for storytelling and design led him to create the Timothy’s Lessons In Good Values children’s book series. Upon migrating to Canada in 2005, he was fortunate enough to experience different cultures that would inspire him in all aspects of his life. His ultimate mission and goal, would be to motivate and educate his audience and be a part of the community, that genuinely believes in creating a solid foundation for the younger generation to become responsible citizens through morals and values that are shown throughout his books.

What was really neat was subscribing to the website, you get really cool activities emailed to you and was such a great surprise to have been given a personalized activity for Zach. 
We are an unschooling family so these activities are really great.
Will link directly to the contact page HERE , get yourself set up. Please take a look around the Website for all that is on offer and for any info you need. All contacts and questions as well as buy now option can be found there. I am going to link a couple direct non affiliate links to purchase here as well .
CAN Amazon
US Amazon

This book and personalized activity were gifted , but all parts of the review are honest and are my son and my own views and opinions.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Edward Torba’s Matt Monroe and the Haunted House blog tour!


Per FTC guidelines, I disclose partnership with TCBR and New Shelves Books .


Matt Monroe and the Haunted House

Written by Edward Torba
Publisher’s Synopsis: A haunted mansion. A community at risk. A group of teens with mysterious abilities. Strange sightings at the Payne mansion and baffling incidents in the countryside place the community of Kingston on edge. Did opening the portal to Paragon draw evil entitites to Kingston? In facing this new threat, Matt Monroe soon realizes he is not the only one who has secret talents. Many of his companions have hidden abilities which are exposed as Matt and his friends confront a terrifying, ethereal foe.
Ages 9-12 | Publisher: All Points Press, LLC | October 15, 2019 | ISBN-13: 978-0985082765


Take a thrill ride of adventure this Halloween with the reading adventures of Matt Monroe and the Haunted House . Join the crew on yet more adventures with twists and turns around every corner. More adventure, intrigue, and Magick. Though a second book of adventures with Matt, and a few other key characters, you do not need to read the first book as this can be followed quite easily as a stand alone. I do recommend reading the first however to build the relationship with the characters and to become acquainted with other aspects and elements as well. You never know if the past tips into the future. But does it ever stay away?

(Matt Monroe and The Secret Society of Odontology)

45 Small to the point chapters with riveting details with you forever wanting more. So if you are one of the many who say just one more chapter, you can justify it and not stay up all night. Very well written for the focused age group and as an adult who loves to delve into the possibilities beyond our World was a great read for me as well.
A perfect gift for Halloween if you gift give this time of year. The aspect of a Haunted House and all that enfolds around you , what is lurking beyond every corner just accents the Halloween season.
There are always the quirky characters thrown in to build the story and plot ,along with those you could do with out.
Ever wonder why you meet people the way you do , how they just show up into your life? Then you find that they possess a magick , super trait new to you that then in turn compliments and increases your worth as a team together. Matt Monroe knows all to well.
The prologue, the set up with the intrigue and suspense surrounding Nathaniel and Annabelle. But who are they !? So amazingly written I immersed myself so deep into the beginning that the last line was a bit of a trigger.
 Lots of true life quirks and quips we all are privy to in our lives , sentiments to parts of our youth. What better way than to read through them with Magick , suspense, intrigue, perseverance, friendship, chaos and the like.


Enter For A Chance To Win A Matt Monroe Series Gift Basket!
One (1) grand prize winner receives:
  • A copy of Matt Monroe and the Secret Society of Odontology (Book 1)
  • An advanced reader copy of Matt Monroe and the Haunted House (Book 2)
  • Dental supplies!
Two (2) winners receive:
  • A copy of Matt Monroe and the Haunted House (Book 2)
Two (2) winners receive:
  • A digital copy of Matt Monroe and the Haunted House (Book 2)
    • This digital prize is open to worldwide entrants
Giveaway begins October 1, 2019, at 12:01 A.M. MT and ends October 31, 2019, at 11:59 P.M. MT.
Open to international addresses and the legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, who are eighteen years of age or older in their state or territory of residence at the time of entry. Void where prohibited by law.
New Shelves Books is responsible for prize fulfillment.

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Michael Okon Halloween Tour


Per FTC guidelines, I disclose partnership with TCBR and Michael Okon .


Enter for a chance to win the Michael Okon prize pack—includes a $100 gift card!
One (1) grand prize winner receives:
  • A copy of Witches Protection Program, autographed by Michael Okon
  • A copy of Monsterland, autographed by Michael Okon
  • A copy of Monsterland Reanimated, autographed by Michael Okon
  • A $100 Amazon gift card
Three (3) winners receive:
  • A copy of Witches Protection Program, autographed by Michael Okon
  • A copy of Monsterland, autographed by Michael Okon
  • A copy of Monsterland Reanimated, autographed by Michael Okon
Giveaway begins September 30, 2019 at 12:01 A.M. PST and ends October 30, 2019 at 11:59 P.M. PST.
Open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, who are eighteen years of age or older in their state or territory of residence at the time of entry. Void where prohibited by law.
Michael Okon is responsible for prize fulfillment.
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Written by Michael Okon
Publisher’s Synopsis: Wes Rockville, a disgraced law-enforcement agent, gets one last chance to prove himself and save his career when he’s reassigned to a 232-year-old secret government organization.
The Witches Protection Program.
His first assignment: uncover a billion-dollar cosmetics company’s diabolical plan to use witchcraft for global domination, while protecting its heiress Morgan Pendragon from her aunt’s evil deeds. Reluctantly paired with veteran witch protector, Alastair Verne, Wes must learn to believe in witches…and believe in himself.
Filled with adventure and suspense, Michael Okon creates a rousing, tongue-in-cheek alternate reality where witches cast spells and wreak havoc in modern-day New York City.
Ages 18+ | Publisher: WordFire Press | June 3, 2019 | ISBN-13: 978-1614759942

Written by Michael Okon
Publisher’s Synopsis: Welcome to Monsterland—the scariest place on Earth.
Wyatt Baldwin’s senior year is not going well. His parents divorce, then his dad mysteriously dies. He’s not exactly comfortable with his new stepfather, Carter White, either. An ongoing debate with his best friends Melvin and Howard Drucker over which monster is superior has gotten stale. He’d much rather spend his days with beautiful and popular Jade. However, she’s dating the brash high-school quarterback Nolan, and Wyatt thinks he doesn’t stand a chance.
But everything changes when Wyatt and his friends are invited to attend the grand opening of Monsterland, a groundbreaking theme park where guests can interact with vampires in Vampire Village, be chased by werewolves on the River Run, and walk among the dead in Zombieville.
With real werewolves, vampires and zombies as the main attractions, what could possibly go wrong?
Ages 14+ | Publisher: WordFire Press | October 13, 2017 | ISBN-13: 978-1-61475-594-4

Written by Michael Okon
Publisher’s Synopsis: After Monsterland has been destroyed, the entire world is thrown into chaos. Wyatt Baldwin and his friends must go beyond the boundaries of their small town to reestablish contact with the outside world. During their journey they discover a new threat released from the bowels of the defunct theme park. The danger of werewolves, vampires and zombies pale in comparison to an army of relentless mummies, Vincent Conrad’s reanimated monster and the menace of a life-sucking ooze they call The Glob.  Will Wyatt and his friends survive when they reenter the scariest place on earth?
Ages 14+ | Publisher: WordFire Press | April 6, 2018 | ISBN-13: 978-1614756729


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