Wednesday, 30 October 2019

#SmallBusinessShoutout : Luscious D's Natural Body Products.

Who doesn't love a bath bomb?!? After one of those days to sit and let the fizz and scents enfold you as it wipes the day away, oh yeah.. Apart from letting the stress of the day slip away there is also the play aspect and my sons loves a bath bomb bath.
Mix together a skull and it is my kids favorite colour there was no way we were going to make it past the booth. While at an event we went past Luscious D's set up. The bath bomb was gifted for review purposes but the review is all my sons honest opinion, Mommy puts in her two cents as well with all the writing and info you need.

Luscious D's is a local business from Guelph Ontario. They have all natural handmade body products. They do not use any fragrance or palm oil. Danielle Dica is the owner. Make sure to check out her Facebook page for photos of some products and to find out where to buy, as well as you can send her an email. Attending lots of area shows so be on the look out and apart from just a in need of a soak day , perfect stocking stuffer gift.


Zach's review:
Ahh look at the fizzy bomb go and it is my favorite colour. Green is my favorite colour. I want a bath 100 days with all the skull bath bombs in the world. ( That was all I could get from him, he thought it was awesome and he approved thumbs up).

For myself I found that the scent was delicious and the smell of the perfect lemon lime sno- cone wafted through the apartment. Just the use of essential oils and not false fragrance. Scent carried throughout the bath until my kid washed his hair and everything.  There was also intense colour transfer to the water and was much more than I expected but pleasantly so.  Of course there was a mess from the Mica left behind, but really all part of the fun for a kid in the bath. Very much Kid approved fizzing action.
Just from personal inspection before use, I found the bomb to be made very well. Much more compacted than most expensive bombs and there was not a bunch of broken pieces of the product in the bottom of the bag. Stayed intact. You could also actually see the individual ingredients throughout and that was very impressive. The homemade showed through.

There are more products that just the bath bombs so please again make sure to check out the Facebook page.  The price is comparable and you are getting a homemade item with real ingredients, not mass produced chemicals.

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