Friday 31 December 2021

Day 15 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 It is New Years Eve, though realistically for me as Samhain or Halloweeny day of Magick is more of a New Year for me. I always found this New Years to be another day for the diet and beauty industry to cash in more so that anything else, but I digress. Letting the kiddo have a night of crazy loud fun ringing in a new calendar year. 

Spent the day putting all traces of Christmas away and a huge clean up to push out the old energy and make way for new.

Traditional bag of money out the window, Check✅ Every since I can remember my Nana has always put out a bag of money in the old year and brought it back in the new year for abundance all year round. I started as a young kid and carried it on all through life but twice when life for those years  played cruel fate.

Surprise visit form son and grandkids, so we sent them all outside just after 6 pm to scream, yell, blow whistles, and wave around some glow sticks.

Kiddo did his own cray cray Happy New Year also after everyone left. 

Hope that you have the New Year you deserve, full of abundance, health, healing, love, just all around whatever you truly deserve and desire. 

Don't get caught up notions of having to change or feel bad if your resolution if you make them do not work. They are designed that way. Whoever started the whole having to fix yourself January 1st was wrong. It takes one split second of any day. 

Thursday 30 December 2021

Day 14 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Party City haul -ish 

We will take a day and hit up every aisle but just did a small shop today. Tons of sales and things. Only advice is be very aware of the price if you find a good one on the shelf as i had to get many price fixes as sales were not registered. I should have pulled the SCOP ( scanning code of practice but it was all good, just wanted the right price), my total with taxes in from price corrections was almost 7.50 difference. 

Kiddo took his special 20 from our Magickal Christmas Elf (the lady from Giant Tiger who gifted him it)

Scored himself an owl beanie boo, 2 whoopie cushions, they are mini sized and were only 50 cents a pop, some nerd candies and a Super Mario rubix cube. Of course he has already jumbled  it up to much and is pissed about it , but hey that is the toy. I told him he could just pick the stickers off and fix it like I used to do when those things first came out. Never could break it and fix it normally, my Nana could though. 

Got a couple things for News Years , didn't go over board at all. Wanted some noise makers for sure so kiddo can go out the door and make as much noise as he wants with everyone else making noise. just needed the penguin on a stick bc it was a penguin on a stick and putting it away till next year.

Found an entire collection of rock stick candies, kiddos favorite memory from Westfield Villages candy store so got him a couple. 
Nothing beats flavored sugar crystals. 

Wednesday 29 December 2021

Day 13 of 365 Days of life and Stuffz


Apart from cats on the crazy train all night and into the wee hours and kiddo waking at 4 am, the day was pretty clerical in nature. 
Kid has been creating Lego creations all day. I have done some stealthy sleuth work, and decided on a few changes my life needs and just implementing them. Choosing to document journeys, but putting out a full years worth of documentation in one go. So stick around till this time next year, and beginning of the Year. 
Life has left my youngest and I pretty isolated and not with many celebrations so this year he is getting some silly New Years gear, noise makers and the like to have a bit of a do. We just finished talking about it so tomorrow will be the shop for said items. Just a few to save up for the his life scrap book and a memory.  

Tuesday 28 December 2021

Day 12 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz

 We went for a walk again on this cold crisp afternoon. Same area we just took a different route closer to the Grand River. So much more of a Magickal place to walk. The sights, sounds and blessings of nature. Stopped at a house on the walk back to look at their amazing dragon statue on their lawn. Zach was able to name it and he chose Dragon Spring. 

Found evidence of a beaver.

Birdies were picky today and not wanting to hand feed so we left them some seeds. Blue jays, woodpeckers and Chickadees of course. 

Who knows what this was that we came across. Someone left this deep in the woods. 

Monday 27 December 2021

Day 11 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz.

 Today is a great day. Going back a little bit about a week ago ,marked my complete year away from those life destroying social media platforms. Yes Facebook , Twitter  and Instagram. I left them all. I had felt for a long while before that, that scrolling as a life and contesting and just having life some how valued due to social media platforms was not how I saw life, so I just left them all. Prior to that seriously though , social media platforms were my life of sorts. Having nothing truly in my personal life, social media and those connections helped me stay connected. But really, was it really a connection and no it really truly isn't and was never, nor will it ever be. ( I was never on Tik Tok, tried snap chat long ago but axed that pretty quick) (I was still on Linked In till recently before they decided to censure in favour of well you know, the narrative being spewed these days)

Personal reasons kept me on messenger ,  but I hated every minute of that too. It is with honor that I can affirm that while I have been off of Facebook for over a year now, I have and am completely deleted from its  existence as of today. I just cut messenger off  a month ago and waited the month to finally be free of the poison. 

When I first started on that site in particular, I went in with my eyes wide open, knowing exactly what that site was, how it was started and by whom; so I was always above the grade and level headed with respects to social media. 

Sunday 26 December 2021

Day 10 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 I do not buy in to the materialistic BS that most society has been brain washed into; so, this day is not Boxing day for me. Not one thing bought, no store was visited, nor of course did any sort of material must have ridiculousness even cross my mind. Glad materialism is yet another narrative I have not nor will ever fall for.

Just a day to eats lots of whatever left over goodies are lying around. Indulgence has it's place over the Holidays so free range I say. There is always tomorrow to pace yourself. 

Kiddo and I decided to play some of the board games he was gifted. Super Mario Monopoly was one of the gems we took a whirl at. The game is so good, so a must have for any SM fan in your life. #NotSponsored. Of course kiddo left me destitute without a penny to my name. Life; especially for any single parent out there am I right!!!!

Saturday 25 December 2021

Day 9 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz

 Yule-Tide Blessings Merry Ho Ho Ho 


Kiddo had a perfect day and that is all that matters. Wouldn't be Christmas without some chaos and that was there too. 

Hope Magick came to you in any form where ever you are in the World. 

Friday 24 December 2021

Day 8 of 365 Dayz of Life and Stuffz


My grandkiddos showed for a surprise visit. Best gift and surprise ever. Nanas heart filled today. Uncle Zach was so happy to see them if only for a bit. We had an amazing time no matter how short it had to be. Nana pulled off a group call from Santa too. 

For my kiddo Santa( well Odin for mommy really ) is the reason for the night tonight. All his wares set out, his shark stocking, carrot for the sleigh drivers and chocolate to go for the man of the night. 

One little gift from Grandma for Christmas Eve night.

First Christmas Eve in 9 years little kiddo and I are not all alone.

Whatever this day means for you, even if it means nothing A wish of Magick , love and prosperity has been sent to you. Everyone around the World blanket spell to the Energy plane on this existence. I send it to you. Hand etch and intended as it burned.

Thursday 23 December 2021

Day 7 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz

Our beautiful Freya lounging.

The Cat-ing. Freya and Garfield recreate the Twins from the shining just by fluke of course. 

A day of baking with the continuation tomorrow.  A gingerbread cake creation I pulled off coking it only in the microwave. Cooked less than 6 minutes in a 1000 watter. Turned out perfectly moist and will letting it sit over night so I can frost it to perfection with my gingerbread frosting. 

A perfect cheesecake with a twist of a crust; I used crumbled sugar cookie base. 

Empire cookies with a slight twist too and decorated holiday-ee.

Capping night off with a snow storm of sorts. The glistening diamonds as the flakes land in fall is beautiful in contrast to the glow of the Christmas lights. 

I love how so many people seemed to set up lights and gleeful cheer. As a societal whole, we truly need this this year no matter how you celebrate. So much negativity in the World, nice to feel it is on hold a least for even a few barest moments. 

Wednesday 22 December 2021

Day 6 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Okay today , what to say about today. 

Grandma was baking so the kiddo and I decided to do some shopping so Grandma does not have to deal with any of the couple days before Christmas 🌲☃️  madness;but holy people; everyone seems to have lost their dang minds. 

It was good though just getting out with the kiddo and only coming home with a couple candies lol. Mommy's logic since Santa  🎅 bringing his butt down the chimney in a couple days so not so many treats needed. Mommy is a sucker though and kid has me wrapped. What can I say lol , I at least know and acknowledge that fact.

Walked in  from shopping with freshly made butter tart scent wafting I through the air and they were perfect.

Anything else from the night goes in to that secret vault in the back of the mind. Yeah that one that we all have that our inner child yearns to have closure and we covet.

Enjoy this way way back Wednesday pic  from 2014 of my youngest. Took. I pictures today , so this one fit, sort of!?!?.

Tuesday 21 December 2021

Day 5 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz : It's the Solstice My Witchy Souls and Yule Yeti TOOO!!!!

 Winter Solstice Hits today Dec 21 2021 @ 10:58 am  and it is also the beginning of Yule.  

Had to make sure there was gift for Kiddo today to open. I mean what is better than a Yule Yeti. A Magickal and elusive creature in it's own right.

Apart from Samhain, this season just lifts my Witchy and child within souls to their highest. I just love the Magick and wonderment that swirls through the air. The buzzing energy just there for you to experience and utilize. 

The day holds some Magickal baking, spells and all my true natural Witchy delights. The veil was actually very thin yesterday and I hope the touch from the energy plane brought you some Magick as it did for me. Blanket help and downloaded messages from the Energy Collective was all a buzz. Of course been spilling over into today as well. Harness what you can with grateful, gleeful and childlike Magickal delight. 

A walk of wonderment and beauty at the path down by the river. Big boo boo on my part forgetting the bird seed. The chickadees were ready to eat from my hand jus like a Snow White moment and I forgot the bird seed. Mission for one day this week to get out alone and just feed the birdies. I love when their tiny feet clip on to your pinkie as they take seed from your palm. 

 There also had to be a Magickally spelled properly perfectly spiced apple pie. All hand made and yes I indeed wrote spells all through the crust and intended as I prepared it for baking. The scent through the house magnificent.

 Kiddo also gifted a ton of candy for the kids club coordinator from our local food bank. 

As obvious by how much written today, some day are jam packed while others have one thing that stands out. But all in all it truly is all the little things. 

Today was such a beautiful day and a perfect start to the Newness and year that starts today. Enjoy the longest night the year. Blessed Yuletide.