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One Jar of Magic Awareness Tour & Giveaway



One Jar of Magic

Written by Corey Ann Haydu

Publisher’s Synopsis: Magic is like a dream. Delightful. Terrifying. Unreal.

Rose Alice Anders is Little Luck. Lucky to be born into the Anders family. Lucky to be just as special and magical as the most revered man in town—her father. The whole town has been waiting for Rose to turn twelve, when she can join them in their annual capturing of magic on New Year’s Day and become the person she was born to be.

But when that special day finally comes, Rose barely captures one tiny jar of magic. Now Rose’s dad won’t talk to her anymore and her friendships have gotten all twisted and wrong. So when Rose hears whispers that there are people who aren’t meant for magic at all, she begins to wonder if that’s who she belongs with.

Maybe if she’s away from all the magic, away from her dad telling her who she’s meant to be, who she has to be, Rose can begin to piece together what’s truly real in a world full of magic.

Ages 8-12 | 352 Pages | Publisher: HarperCollins | ISBN-13: 9780062689856






Corey Ann Haydu is the author of Eventown, The Someday Suitcase, and Rules for Stealing Stars and four acclaimed books for teens. She grew up in the Boston area, earned her MFA at the New School, and now lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her dog Oscar.

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Rose Alice Anders is a contradiction and she is uncomfortable it is apparent in her own body. She does not live a life of her own, and has not. She does not even know if she exists on her own or just who she was groomed to be. Until that changes with one brave decision.

Phenomenal read that touches on abuse in a near to non triggering way. At least subtly and easily read to understand what may just be happening to yourself or someone around you. You do not see this dynamic of a family in almost any reads especially at this age target.

It was a delight to read and the addition of help lines was brilliant. It would be great to see schools adapt this into cirriculum in order to provide a silent , secret safe place for children.

Not to negate from the seriousness of family abuse and what it does to a child and the family dynamic in the home, I really loved the story line. It was not done for me and I wanted more. A tribute to the Author. As an actual practicing Natural Witch there may be a few tweaks from my end, but on the whole a well worthy read.


Enter for a chance to win a set of books by Corey Ann Haydu, including One Jar of Magic.

One (1) grand prize winner receives:

  • A hardcover copy of One Jar of Magic

  • A hardcover copy of Eventown

  • A hardcover copy of The Someday Suitcase

  • A hardcover copy of Rules for Stealing Stars

Four (4) winners receive:

  • A hardcover copy of One Jar of Magic

The giveaway begins February 9, 2021, at 12:01 A.M. MT and ends March 8, 2021, at 11:59 P.M. MT.

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