Friday 17 December 2021

Christmas Magick from a Beautiful Stranger :Day 1 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz


 Sometimes it just takes such a small Magickal gift from a lovely stranger to just remember. Remember that it is the little things. 

 Day was a bit off, just feeling not right, so kiddo and I took a walk in the cold sunshine and went to Giant Tiger. 
 Walked around a little bit and picked up a couple things but mostly mindlessly searching for something throughout the whole store. A material item was not what I was searching for, I was just searching or seeking something missing from my soul.
  Then a stranger struck while we walked down the chip aisle. A Magickal, beautiful soul as an old women's who quietly came up to Zach and handed him a $20 bill for him to get a Christmas present.  She made a point of putting it right into his hand, bypassing the parent altogether so that this special gift could not be taken away. Of course there was the exchange oh are you sure from my end, and the thank you and beaming smile from my kiddo; to her response that she does this every year to someone she just knows needs and or deserves it. She quickly walked away though, so that her generosity would and could not be returned to her. It was a gift she needed to give. Her reasons are her own and it was a grateful gift of Magick that was spelled upon my son too. A memory he won't forget. 
 Her kindness did not stop at my son. As we made our way towards the front of the store we yet again crossed her path and she made a point of bringing $20 to me too. She just felt she had to and that as she walked away she just felt like she needed to find me again and gift it to me as well. She was as quick as she had been before and gone with smiling eyes as my gratitude conveyed an glistening eyes remained.
 The child searching behind my adult eyes probably gave me away. 
 The search in this moment led to a realization and gratitude. 
 For whatever moment in this exact time we were meant to cross paths. 

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