Monday, 27 December 2021

Day 11 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz.

 Today is a great day. Going back a little bit about a week ago ,marked my complete year away from those life destroying social media platforms. Yes Facebook , Twitter  and Instagram. I left them all. I had felt for a long while before that, that scrolling as a life and contesting and just having life some how valued due to social media platforms was not how I saw life, so I just left them all. Prior to that seriously though , social media platforms were my life of sorts. Having nothing truly in my personal life, social media and those connections helped me stay connected. But really, was it really a connection and no it really truly isn't and was never, nor will it ever be. ( I was never on Tik Tok, tried snap chat long ago but axed that pretty quick) (I was still on Linked In till recently before they decided to censure in favour of well you know, the narrative being spewed these days)

Personal reasons kept me on messenger ,  but I hated every minute of that too. It is with honor that I can affirm that while I have been off of Facebook for over a year now, I have and am completely deleted from its  existence as of today. I just cut messenger off  a month ago and waited the month to finally be free of the poison. 

When I first started on that site in particular, I went in with my eyes wide open, knowing exactly what that site was, how it was started and by whom; so I was always above the grade and level headed with respects to social media. 

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