Wednesday 29 December 2021

Day 13 of 365 Days of life and Stuffz


Apart from cats on the crazy train all night and into the wee hours and kiddo waking at 4 am, the day was pretty clerical in nature. 
Kid has been creating Lego creations all day. I have done some stealthy sleuth work, and decided on a few changes my life needs and just implementing them. Choosing to document journeys, but putting out a full years worth of documentation in one go. So stick around till this time next year, and beginning of the Year. 
Life has left my youngest and I pretty isolated and not with many celebrations so this year he is getting some silly New Years gear, noise makers and the like to have a bit of a do. We just finished talking about it so tomorrow will be the shop for said items. Just a few to save up for the his life scrap book and a memory.  

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