Thursday 30 December 2021

Day 14 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Party City haul -ish 

We will take a day and hit up every aisle but just did a small shop today. Tons of sales and things. Only advice is be very aware of the price if you find a good one on the shelf as i had to get many price fixes as sales were not registered. I should have pulled the SCOP ( scanning code of practice but it was all good, just wanted the right price), my total with taxes in from price corrections was almost 7.50 difference. 

Kiddo took his special 20 from our Magickal Christmas Elf (the lady from Giant Tiger who gifted him it)

Scored himself an owl beanie boo, 2 whoopie cushions, they are mini sized and were only 50 cents a pop, some nerd candies and a Super Mario rubix cube. Of course he has already jumbled  it up to much and is pissed about it , but hey that is the toy. I told him he could just pick the stickers off and fix it like I used to do when those things first came out. Never could break it and fix it normally, my Nana could though. 

Got a couple things for News Years , didn't go over board at all. Wanted some noise makers for sure so kiddo can go out the door and make as much noise as he wants with everyone else making noise. just needed the penguin on a stick bc it was a penguin on a stick and putting it away till next year.

Found an entire collection of rock stick candies, kiddos favorite memory from Westfield Villages candy store so got him a couple. 
Nothing beats flavored sugar crystals. 

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