Friday, 31 December 2021

Day 15 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 It is New Years Eve, though realistically for me as Samhain or Halloweeny day of Magick is more of a New Year for me. I always found this New Years to be another day for the diet and beauty industry to cash in more so that anything else, but I digress. Letting the kiddo have a night of crazy loud fun ringing in a new calendar year. 

Spent the day putting all traces of Christmas away and a huge clean up to push out the old energy and make way for new.

Traditional bag of money out the window, Check✅ Every since I can remember my Nana has always put out a bag of money in the old year and brought it back in the new year for abundance all year round. I started as a young kid and carried it on all through life but twice when life for those years  played cruel fate.

Surprise visit form son and grandkids, so we sent them all outside just after 6 pm to scream, yell, blow whistles, and wave around some glow sticks.

Kiddo did his own cray cray Happy New Year also after everyone left. 

Hope that you have the New Year you deserve, full of abundance, health, healing, love, just all around whatever you truly deserve and desire. 

Don't get caught up notions of having to change or feel bad if your resolution if you make them do not work. They are designed that way. Whoever started the whole having to fix yourself January 1st was wrong. It takes one split second of any day. 

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