Saturday 18 December 2021

Day 2 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 King Oyster Mushroom Risotto and a blooming Christmas Cactus. 

 Despite the need to bake and bake and bake all the Christmas goodies I have been dreaming about for weeks; we opted to try a new kind of mushroom dish and just enjoy the day. Truly knowing that had we done any baking today for the season ahead it would all be gone before the festivities began.  Not that it would matter since hello sweets, treats, and desserts everyday is alright by me. The adult and common sense me knew better to wait till just a few days more. 

King Oyster Mushroom Risotto, a dish inspired by a dining outing had by my mother and sister. Was delish, so good and the aroma filling the kitchen as it all melded and infused together, sparked tummy rumbles.

As a side note observation and real time issue; when using a different rice than a risotto specific rice, make sure to par boil slightly first. 

Have never tried a King Oyster Mushroom before and found it quite lovely. A nutty, almond smelling with an earthy taste. Part of the stem a bit tough stringy chewy but overall very pleasant to eat. Paired delightfully with the Kingsgate Reserve Golden Apera that we subbed in for the white wine.

Sharing the link to the Blog we found the recipe on. We have no affiliation etc, just a quick search for an easy mushroom risotto recipe and voila. Skip all the way down to find the recipe. Feel it is only right to share the base recipe we made. We did have to make a few tweaks to suit the substitutions that we had in the house. We used veggie stock also so the taste profile would differ slightly than if we had used chicken stock I would wager. 

Find Recipe Here  #busybaker 

Perfect addition to a warm cozy meal on a cold blustery day like today, or just as a meal on its own.

Signing off now as the sound of "Mom there is a log in the toilet, a big one" resonates through the hall to my ears from my youngest. As I slowly shake my head with a giggle to go deal with that. 


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