Sunday 19 December 2021

Day 3 of 365 Days of life and Stuffz

 Today brought to you by Kiddos Lego Advent calendar for the day. 

Zoom in....

Yes, yes that is Lego shaped poop. The hilarity  these two Lego pieces caused, was enough to last the whole day.  You could think they were just supposed to be piles of dirt, (follows with the days Advent Lego build ), or even think it was icing shaped; but I give it up to the designers making poop shaped Legos for the kiddos. You know it was done on purpose and that is the best part. So funny and I hope no uptight meany moms complain to the company cause the joy it brought my kid and the laughter that ensued well worth it.
 To end the night annual must watch Christmas movies and wine for mommy.

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