Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Day 5 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz : It's the Solstice My Witchy Souls and Yule Yeti TOOO!!!!

 Winter Solstice Hits today Dec 21 2021 @ 10:58 am  and it is also the beginning of Yule.  

Had to make sure there was gift for Kiddo today to open. I mean what is better than a Yule Yeti. A Magickal and elusive creature in it's own right.

Apart from Samhain, this season just lifts my Witchy and child within souls to their highest. I just love the Magick and wonderment that swirls through the air. The buzzing energy just there for you to experience and utilize. 

The day holds some Magickal baking, spells and all my true natural Witchy delights. The veil was actually very thin yesterday and I hope the touch from the energy plane brought you some Magick as it did for me. Blanket help and downloaded messages from the Energy Collective was all a buzz. Of course been spilling over into today as well. Harness what you can with grateful, gleeful and childlike Magickal delight. 

A walk of wonderment and beauty at the path down by the river. Big boo boo on my part forgetting the bird seed. The chickadees were ready to eat from my hand jus like a Snow White moment and I forgot the bird seed. Mission for one day this week to get out alone and just feed the birdies. I love when their tiny feet clip on to your pinkie as they take seed from your palm. 

 There also had to be a Magickally spelled properly perfectly spiced apple pie. All hand made and yes I indeed wrote spells all through the crust and intended as I prepared it for baking. The scent through the house magnificent.

 Kiddo also gifted a ton of candy for the kids club coordinator from our local food bank. 

As obvious by how much written today, some day are jam packed while others have one thing that stands out. But all in all it truly is all the little things. 

Today was such a beautiful day and a perfect start to the Newness and year that starts today. Enjoy the longest night the year. Blessed Yuletide.

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