Wednesday 22 December 2021

Day 6 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Okay today , what to say about today. 

Grandma was baking so the kiddo and I decided to do some shopping so Grandma does not have to deal with any of the couple days before Christmas 🌲☃️  madness;but holy people; everyone seems to have lost their dang minds. 

It was good though just getting out with the kiddo and only coming home with a couple candies lol. Mommy's logic since Santa  🎅 bringing his butt down the chimney in a couple days so not so many treats needed. Mommy is a sucker though and kid has me wrapped. What can I say lol , I at least know and acknowledge that fact.

Walked in  from shopping with freshly made butter tart scent wafting I through the air and they were perfect.

Anything else from the night goes in to that secret vault in the back of the mind. Yeah that one that we all have that our inner child yearns to have closure and we covet.

Enjoy this way way back Wednesday pic  from 2014 of my youngest. Took. I pictures today , so this one fit, sort of!?!?.

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