Thursday 23 December 2021

Day 7 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz

Our beautiful Freya lounging.

The Cat-ing. Freya and Garfield recreate the Twins from the shining just by fluke of course. 

A day of baking with the continuation tomorrow.  A gingerbread cake creation I pulled off coking it only in the microwave. Cooked less than 6 minutes in a 1000 watter. Turned out perfectly moist and will letting it sit over night so I can frost it to perfection with my gingerbread frosting. 

A perfect cheesecake with a twist of a crust; I used crumbled sugar cookie base. 

Empire cookies with a slight twist too and decorated holiday-ee.

Capping night off with a snow storm of sorts. The glistening diamonds as the flakes land in fall is beautiful in contrast to the glow of the Christmas lights. 

I love how so many people seemed to set up lights and gleeful cheer. As a societal whole, we truly need this this year no matter how you celebrate. So much negativity in the World, nice to feel it is on hold a least for even a few barest moments. 

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