Monday 31 January 2022

Day 46 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

The last day of January, at least bright and somewhat warm. With of course the threat of a more major snow storm starting Wednesday happens to be the scheme of groundhogs day, day and a normal day for a storm. There is usually some sort of crazy ice storm in February so we shall see. We are headed to Spring quite quickly and I love it. 

Got everything ready for taxes so will do that some day easily online and submit the day Netfile opens.
Apart from straightening up and cleaning the craft zones clutter, the only thing today is carving out a hole in the snow banks for the green bin to go out, woot woot. Tomorrow is supposed to be quite warm so a nice scenic walk with pockets full of bird seed is the ticket. 
Wohoo I like money days when you are so aligned that money comes. Had a quick payout that I wasn't expecting till next month sometime just appear and woot the 407 refund cheque just showed.

Had to impromptu haul at Giant Tiger for kiddo to have his popcorn chicken at still a low awesome price thank goodness. He opted for some frozen pizza even though if we had ordered from Dominoes could have gotten an extra large today (for just 2 bucks more than this silly box frozen stuff)being half price Monday, but he is so picky when it comes to food, I will feed him whatever he will eat. Always a daily addition of his Vit C and D. 

Oh ya decided on lunch for tomorrow and can not wait. Homemade gourmet pizza and will show it tomorrow and what I made. 

This is why I sprinkle food for the woodland creatures. I just love when they stop for a snack. 
And this Grey Squirrel posed for me this time. 
I love all our woodland creatures so much, they just remind you that life is perfect and good, no matter how you feel or situation you are in. Just tweek your vibration. Today was a day of small things becoming big things so I am reminded how it really is. 

Life for us had not been like this for a long time and I am so grateful that finally we have aligned ourselves perfectly to be where we are. Sadness and dispair have weaned away and happiness is finally here. 


Sunday 30 January 2022

Day 45 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz (Thoughts and Carrot Muffins)

 Some thought provoking thoughts today and carrot cake muffins

When someone has a different opinion or view than you, you need to listen. Talk in a proper debate way and get to understand each other. It is so eye opening to see that those who have a difference of opinion or questions that legitimately need answers to are discredited before their second sentence can leave their lips. They are cut off and immediately mis-labelled and dismissed as though their views and concerns are invalid and worth shit. That is why we have so many problems and divides. You can't let one side speak and discredit all the other sides. As much as some may not like it, everyone has voice and their own opinions that they are entitled to have. How I feel about things is none of your business, just as how you feel about things is none of my business, but we do owe to each other for the other to have a voice. Every opinion has value, every single one, no matter the belief behind it. You can't silence one to placate the other even if the silenced voice is a not so nice opinion. This is how divides and the fanatics' are born that cause serious dangers to others. We really all need to take a step a back and allow those with different opinions to voice or ask. What are you afraid of, that maybe they have some substance to what they are saying or questioning and you don't want to feel like you may be wrong? It does not feel good that when you try to speak you are shushed and shunned and told the other person does not want to talk about that but whistle a tune with someone who has the same opinion as them.  This goes for every single subject under the sun.

Everyone has a reason for why they have the beliefs and views that they have. Sure some can be from ignorance and learned prejudices etc  but also from life traumas and learned behaviours from experience. But by listening to each other to listen and hear not just reply, we can learn something about one another and have compassion for why and how each other feels and thinks the way we do. 

Carrot Muffins:  Recipe after pics

You can see a drier dough than most, meant to be this way.
They do not expand more than height you fill muffin cups. 

Mix Together

1 1/2 C flour

1 C sugar

cinnamon to taste I used a TSP

I used about a TSP of pumpkin spice blend 

1 TSP baking powder

sprinkle of salt , and a dash thrown over left shoulder

sunflower seeds


( you do not have to add the seeds) 

Stir all these together then add to centre

2 eggs

1/2 C plus 1/3 oil 

2 Tsp of vanilla 

Stir all together , dough will be on the drier side, not a runny dough

Then fold in 2 shredded carrots. 

Drop by big spoonfuls into lined muffin pan. This can make a cake or a loaf. 

I cooked it at 350 for maybe 25 min. My kitchen Witch side does not time anything and I go by scent and intuition for cooking times but I am pretty sure about 25 minutes. Keep an eye on them and you can do the toothpick test to be sure. You never want to over bake anyway. It will spread but does not expand so not a huge muffin. 

I made cream cheese icing and just blended 1/2 bar of cream cheese with about 1/3 C of butter , a TSP of vanilla, and about 1/4 C of icing sugar. 

Saturday 29 January 2022

Day 44 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz


Trying to keep the ice away on the sidewalks is near to impossible. We are using the environmental stuff made out of veggies and it works really well but it is just way to cold now. Remembered kiddo had  some play sand and actually mixed the 2 together with positive results. Sand at least adding the traction needed for the ice. Issues with how people are walking their dogs also is actually causing the ice problem. The paw print tracks is evidence enough. You actually have to see the whole scenario to get it.

Lots of cleaning on the inside of course. Big floor clean and sanitize today as normal day was spent with a migraine.

Heat stealer cat. As soon as heat comes on you can find Garfield toasting himself in from of the vents. Not to happy when you disturb his warming session. 

People and their dog crap, come on. It is disgusting and gross and people need to pick it up. If you can't take care of your animal then don't have one. Picking up their crap and disposing of it properly is part of pet ownership. 

Friday 28 January 2022

Day 43 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Migraine left me just after 10:30am but the headache after the migraine did not wane completely till after 2:30pm and rest of day and night just soreness right now. Gotta love those 24 hour migraines, not. 

Kiddo did some painting. He also started his nutcracker but it messed up so I can not show that yet; and of course I need to sand off with a nail file the mistakes so he can fix them. 

Pulled out my seed stash to just mull it over and see what I need for this year. Not all shown in photos, i have lots. I am stocked incase we need to survive off what we can grow lol .I can not wait for my kiddo to finally have his own pumpkin patch. Hopefully can get a black currant bush growing. trying from seed, but may try and get hold of a already grown one, who knows. Just being able to garden this year is enough for me. Flowers, veggies, fruits. Oh I must plant strawberry and blueberries too. If I can get ahold of a gooseberry bush that would be sweet too. 

Also been way past time that I should have received my cheque back from the 407. I had called on January 11. But maybe this week. 

Thursday 27 January 2022

Day 42 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Spent and still spending the day in bed. A migraine took hold and I couldn't stop it. Was so sure I wouldn't have to deal with them any more after the last 2 months migraine free, but alas I have fallen today. Tried to stop it for a few hours this morning but by early afternoon she was full blown. Can't stop these Estrogen ones no matter what. 

Crappy gray snow stormy day anyway. I had de iced early while I was still functional this morning so won't be to big a mess in the morning.

Wednesday 26 January 2022

Day 41 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz

 I am pondering if I will miss any days throughout the year. I won't technically miss days as posts will still be made but in all fairness to life and whether I have free wifi if I do go anywhere , posts may; in the summer be uploaded on an off. I am determined to never miss a day, just the upload may have an alter here or there. 

Still working on the first room in the house getting rid of the old paint on the trim. Kind of just snail pace now until spring, then can actually do a lot more.  

Took a leap where a certain person is concerned and hope it pans out. Not a romantic quest as still sadly  looking for that but very important to my immediate life. It better pan out. 

In terms of romantic life areas I just want a real man. Like a rugged Viking, Cowboy, non feminist man. That is the kind of man I want and I am sticking to it.

Found awesome lanterns on Cricut design space for Chinese New Year so making some of those. They can be re worked and reused in so many cool ways. 

Red Wine flowing for this evening. Well it is important for woman at my age for our heart health to drink red wine and eat dark chocolate. 😂

The Freddy Valentine date to submit is tomorrow. I am just excited to have sent a card in. 

Tuesday 25 January 2022

Day 40 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Laundry, shovel/snow blow, other nit picks needed done today. Done all before noon. 

Got the woodland creatures set up for snacks again. Added the cat food to entice the beautiful crows that were circling and cawing while cleaning the sidewalks. Need to have my protector.

Working on Spell intended floss bracelets. It is too bad that the picture does not pick up the sharpness of the neon. So glad I found neon floss at Michaels yesterday. Had been searching for that for quite some time. Priced excellent. Missing is blue and more vibrant pink so still on the look out for those colours, but the skeins I picked up yesterday are perfect for what I want to do for now. Thankfully can get back into all my crafting and handmade spell Witchy crafted gifts. Have some much stuff made magickally intended in the trailer so can't wait to get the rest of all that stuff in the spring. One be too long now since we are already almost to February. 

Monday 24 January 2022

Day 39 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Early to Service Ontario for renewals. We hit the line just in time. After us, the whole place packed up. Had we arrived even a minute later it would not have been an easy fast wait. 

kiddos owl from his haul

Did a bit of a Michaels shopping haul. No grab bags yet, the cashier said February most likely. I will score some of those bags this year, I will, I will.  There were a lot of clearance items anyway, so grabbed a few things. Saved almost 87 bucks so that is awesome. Kiddo of course had a haul of goods. The cashier also gave him 2 freebie gifts. He off course needed to have a large Owl beanie boo and a Super Mario perler bead set. Not like he is way in to April now with pre-spending his 20 bucks for the month.

You saved 86.53 love that. 

He has already made some of his perler things.
Kiddos haul with the owl and the Super Mario perler set
The cat painting figure actually lights up. Labelled as Xmas so anything that was 75 % off.

The 2 freebies from the cashier. The pencil crayons in the one are actually those water color pencil crayons so that is cool.
My haul with some amazing paper, plastic, vinyl's. I grabbed all they had left on the shelf of the very large empty ornaments and grabbed 2 boxes of glass ones as well. all to make into personalized gifts etc. Getting a lot of stuff ready to sell at markets and the like.  

Misophonia...... I have it and it is one of those days where kiddo thinks that each nanosecond of each second of each minute of each hour this afternoon needs to be filled with a sound. It isn't even a Tourette tic vocal flare up , he just won't stfu. Good thing I can just get out of the same area and ear shot. There is also wine in the house so that helps too. 

Seriously down to almost nothing on the internet. Goodreads;  barely went in there over the last few years but figured would enter a contest or 2 then realized they have partnered with Amazon and you need to have an Amazon account for Goodreads, so buh bye. 

Sunday 23 January 2022

Day 38 of 365 days of life and Stuffz


Just a cat hoarding the last few treats in the treat bag. Freya is saying a big hell nah to sharing with Garfield.

One of those days where the rare sleep you get just catches up and your eyes don't want to stay open; yet you push and push to stay awake days. Done a little bit of crafting but beyond that day is getting away with me and could care less. Exhausted and engaged in the art of doing nothing. The substance is just being today I suppose. 

Saturday 22 January 2022

Day 37 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 If you are a Nightmare on Elm Street fan; the Valentines day contest for this year is open. FREDDY VALENTINES CONTEST . I spent the whole night last night myself creating the best ever card. Mine has already been submitted. I am just sharing the contest in case you are a fan and didn't get the email last night or were not aware. Only a few days to submit also. I have no affiliation what so ever with Robert Englund, the Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise or Freddy himself, though I truly wish I did. 

Full on thought I was going to channel my inner HandyMan Chick and install the bathtub drain overflow and waste thingy from the new tub install yesterday. But thanks to shottie rottie pipes a plumber or handy man  is needed to just take one piece off and saulder a new one back on. I could do it, if I had a guy to train me and brought all the tools needed. Was so looking forward to doing that install myself but can not now.  At least I was able to put up the foam as a semi fix for the front door till spring and can find a new screen. It's cold. My mommas house just needs some TLC and glad to full circle help by doing whatever I can for her. 

Friday 21 January 2022

Day 36 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Impromptu Cricut supply haul at Dollar tree. Of course kiddo has to get some stuff. So he def used up next months allowance already that is for sure. Wanted to grab some stuff today just incase with out truckers protesting the ridiculous mandate here there may be some bare shelves. More about the truckers tomorrow as that is when the convoy starts across Canada. They have my support. 

These packs of scrap card stock are awesome for the price. $1.25 per pack at dollar tree compared to almost 4 times that anywhere else. I found them hidden, I found someone's hoard and took it all. 

Excited about this ink transfer pen , no other colours but great to test if it works. As with all the other pens I picked up. 

Part of kiddos. Those Lost Kitties I tell ya. But can not get them this cheap anywhere else and he wants to collect them.  

Pink clay is the sign of the all to elusive Super rare. He was so happy, as out of the 10 boxes he got 3 were super rare. He nearly flipped. He opened to blind boxes rare in a row. Both the exact same kittie also. Those pop things to fidgit things we never cared for , but bc they had some there and green his fave colour we snacthed one up. 1.25 vs the 10 bucks plus every where else, heck yeah. 

Kiddo took lots of pics of Garfield today his master shots below. He has a ton he has taken of his Freya over the couple years since we have had her, but he has only been with Garfield since Nov. so he wanted some keepsakes of him. 

Thursday 20 January 2022

Day 35 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 When you just want food from childhood made exactly like your Grandpa used to make every single Sunday. The times you got to be at their house for Sunday pancakes and Grandpas best ever homemade syrup were where the memories were made and have lasted. I needed that meal today. I always had visits from Grandpa through the Energy Plan and during my night flying Astral Projection the last few years since he passed, but he let me know he is not needed around anymore so I let him go with the meal that has meant so much from childhood; that was just a special thing and memory of him. 

I also got a new pair of Cat slippers today. Freya just loves to plop right down on your feet, she is not light either. 

Wednesday 19 January 2022

Day 34 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Migraine did it head rearing for a few days and was able to fend if off until today. Only a level one so still would be major pain if migraines are not your thing, but for me a level one is manageable. did the off and on all day, none of my tricks worked to completely keep it away, but I am sure it is why only a level one, I will take it. Pretty sure over tired and so until I can get an actual peaceful rest don't think it will subside to quickly. But I am functioning and able to function, yeah the nausea is there and the pain, but before I could barely parent, or let alone open an eye even half way so there is that to be thankful for. 

Took the car out to get a few staples for kiddo and realized the opening of the driveway was just enough to get out but not enough at the same time so had to chunk away more of that shit also. It was much milder and tons melted, though the amount that dumped it did not make that much of a difference.

I did clear out the Krave cereal off the shelf. I did do that. That stuff is hard to find and kiddo is a picky eater , part of issues and when I can find it and at a reasonable price I clear the shelf. 

Cats with their treats though you can not see the treats as the cats are hoovering them up. I should not buy them either because as soon as they know treats are in the house they are little shits till they clean the bag. None stop bugging or rustling of the bag to get it open. 

Tuesday 18 January 2022

Day 33 of 365Days of Life and Stuffz

 What a day!!

Lots of cleaning and the normal pondering over what the heck to eat. The main bane of my existence is the city plow drivers. Now I fully appreciate and am grateful for all the work they do to clean the streets and the long hours they have to work, well when there is actually snow. The issue I have is the inconsideration of how they actually plow. There is no reason or need for them to plow so damn close to drive ways and sidewalks that they fully cover over said areas when they pass by. If there is so much so and they are so close that they are exposing grass and concrete there is a problem. They are dumping to much in certain areas and seemingly targeting corner homes. There is too much goddamn snow as it is, so bring out your little cat and dump trucks and take the snow away. Leaving hard to move huge boulders at ends of driveways and making sidewalks impassable is uncalled for they do not need to do that. Not like the city gives a shit anyway, they should have more care. 

A little close to the curb making an unpassable corner.

Driveways and covered sidewalk. Thank you so much for the unnecessary extra work I had to do today. I only made a safe passable walk way for my mom. Any one bitches to city well I have the proof their workers caused the problem so not my concern now. You want it clean to how we had it, bring the cat and dump truck and cart the snow away.  

Love Yves Vegie burgers. I load it with pickles, horseradish, BBQ sauce, relish, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and more. Taste so amazing. Can not wait to try Mary Browns Veggie chicken burger and their fried pickle chips. Saw an advert for them so must try them out also as I did for KFC. Not sponsored obvi. 

Monday 17 January 2022

Day 32 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

Cricut fun and made myself some Witchy confetti. Kiddo took the mini cats on me so they are not pictured.

Got my order of Patchouli roll on from West Coast Pure. They have a shop on Etsy that is how I found them , give them a gander. Not at all sponsored just giving a small biz shout out. Smells divine. 


Well Snow. The amount dumped on us last night and still snowing has not been this significant in many any years. We do normally get a storm every single year at our birthday , but 2 days late this year, but not this bad by way of how much snow came down. Normally an ice storm , but this snow event closed  everything down just the same. 

Fun for kiddo anyway. 

Not so much fun when the plows go by. Seriously they do not need to plow right up to the sidewalk. They re blocked everyone in both sides of the street for no reason really. I get it but a couple inches out would not make any difference for them but would make a difference for the sidewalks. Was out almost the whole day helping neighbors dig out from snow hell. The day kind of time warped also.