Wednesday 5 January 2022

As a Canadian: A silly short post about those dang Circus Animal crackers.

 Seriously I do not know what it is about those M(censored)  Circus Animal crackers and why I need them so much. Needless to say that living in Canada and finding those little bites of US heaven is near to impossible. (Near to impossible the area I live in anyway.) That brings me to making those  things myself. Turned out just as delish and I can have as many as I want whenever I want. No not exactly the same and I shall forever covet the original, but sometimes you just got to make it so you have it. Yes I should have gone homemade animal crackers, but let's face it , this took 30 seconds and that was just microwave melting time for the chocolate. And yes both sides needed to be covered, but I was too excited and wasn't waiting for one side to dry to then do the other. I will do that another day. 

Just 3 things is all you need. candy melt, animal crackers and mini ball sprinkles. 

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