Sunday 2 January 2022

Day 17 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz

 Of course, as does with Canadian weather we have a ton of snow today. Snowed all night and looks like it won't stop for quite a bit. Kid is happy he can get out and build his Penguin snow army. "Santa" brought the coolest snow mould in shape of the cutest little penguin. we shall adorn the front yard and create the army. 

We managed 8 penguins, snow not quite right and the mould has a learning curve, but cute to have on the lawn. Kiddo wants an army of about 100 and will be cute once he paints them. If the snow holds which it maybe will for a bit. 

Randomness but Halloween is 302 days away.

Quick jaunt around Giant Tiger, kiddo needed nuggets. Wanted to grab some veggies that were on sale but they were labelled product of Canada on the price tag but actually product of USA so left it all behind. Not so good that they are conning shoppers that way. But popcorn chicken were cheap. kiddo wanted snacks for his snack bins in his room to so got some of tat. Quite a difference between us both as for some reason homemade isn't his thing and I would pick a handmade sweet and treat over anything store bought anyday. 

Gratitude for this morning: Grateful for being reminded that Chapmans Ice cream is mailing out the freebie coupon for the year again. $4.00 off coupon and when goodies go on sale for 2 bucks each or less you can score 2 or 3 free products.  Grateful for cooking dinner with my mom. Freshly made bread and veggie lasagna. Grateful for being able to walk out into the garden yesterday and pick fresh herbs. Today of course they are covered with the white stuff, but as soon as it melts I can guarantee will be there again. The kale seems to be very hearty and perseveres.  

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