Monday, 3 January 2022

Day 18 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Though technically for yesterday as it happened after I published; kiddo lost another tooth. Of course right before bed and as his fashion at the very last moment without him ever letting me know in the first place it was loose.  While I took pride in always having something at home or at least a fail safe what I had created when lockdown silliness hit, the Tooth fairy had nothing to give. Thankfully grand tooth fairy had a little cash on hand for the stealth steal from pillow and replace with goodie. Normally money is not what she gives here, and she always leaves toys or some kind of thing but as you can well imagine, Santa had just appeared and reserves were low in the have on hand department. Worked out very well in the end. Kiddo woke up in his true fashion at 1:30 am to check his wares and was promptly told to go back to sleep for a bit.  

His Tooth Fairy haul. 

Weather has changed to cold, yucky slippery snow a ice on some roads. 

It is Monday so that also means half price pizza day at Dominos. At the beginning of this lock down pandemic shit, Dominos did a lot for hospital workers, and people who needed food. They gave out so much free pizza that I have no issue ordering from there. Kiddo loves their pizza so that is all that matters. Feel they deserve what little patronage we can give them because of what they did and do for the community. I also had a free rewards pizza to cash in so mommy and Grandma got that to eat. They are never cut and are always lightly baked. 

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