Wednesday 5 January 2022

Day 20 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz

My craving for circus animal crackers sated. Had to make them but that is okay. All about it here. 

With a bit of mild temperature today snow melting, giving way for whatever yuck is on its way. But in this instance the cat-nip is visible again. had some happy kitties that is for sure.

Found some beautiful moss sprouting in a log as well while grabbing the cat-nip.

Was picking up grandmas bday present at Party City so kiddo took his $$ (all he had left from tooth fairy, kindness of a stranger and his 20 for the month) He spent it all, knowing he gets nothing else in the month.
His haul he is proud of buying so whatever. 

Was also jonsing for dill pickle chips and best chips in a long time and just cheap huge bag for a buck no name chips. But huge cut, tons of flavour dust, and very fresh. I usually hand make my chips but was not having it today. Theme of the day really, convenience. Though I was cutting buying stuff I could just homemake.....meh after my birthday on the 15th will cut it out then. 

As is just about stuffz from the day, all these posts for the most part will just be random tidbits on days when no story telling is required. 

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