Saturday 8 January 2022

Day 23 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

Yummy delish cinnamon bun from Tim Hortons for my daily chow treat and kiddo and his 20 pack of just chocolate glazed tim-bits. I always giggle when I go there about the ridiculous Bieber tim-bits and the box. The box is if grew up with Tim Hortons as I did is the original box tim-bits came in, now marketed as some Bieber fad ridiculousness. Seriously, if they are going to recycle their past bring back some of the long but never forgotten donuts that once adorned their glass cabinets. The bow-tie donut needs to come back for sure. A 20 pack of tim-bits and 2 cinnamon buns things cost 10 bucks which is seriously bull shit; but on the taste side they were scrumptious. 

Garfield kitty, well runty cat who thinks he is a kitty but "age" wise of a senior citizen, took a nap after stealing my sweater and bunching up al the blankets. The thing about Garfield is 10 years ago now we saved him. He was being starved to death and one of my younger brothers and I fed him and he took him home with him. he had some issues and feeding a deliberately starved cat some spicy sausage just so he wouldn't die was not the best idea, but he is still alive today. Kiddo over the moon to have 2 cats in his life. 
Sleeping like the dead in mid afternoon so as they do, they can run around as a-holes all night. The nocturnal nature is not lost on us here that is for sure. 

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