Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Day 26 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz


Just have to share one of the images I bought today. Back story, kiddo let me know what he wanted as his theme for his birthday this year. Mind you not for a few months anyway, but he let me know. P Vs Z is so hard to come by, so thankfully and just by a fluke I managed to find SVG files through ETSY so I snatched them up. Over 200 files and everything I will need to create a birthday extravaganza out of. Can create a banner, cupcake toppers, cake topper, anything really. Want to grab a couple shirts and make him some cool t's and long sleeves also. I did find some stuff of course but the price and delivery were crazy, so I have an artsy and crafty side so will just make what I would have bought. Though getting these files makes me want one of those cricut things more now. I have been drawing stickers to make homemade ones and a cricut would be wonderous to get my stickers cut and then some. 

Thankful today for the 407 customer service rep who was able to get me a refund payment. If you have an over payment on your 407 get it refunded. I ended up not even realizing they will take that refund away if you are dormant for 3 years. It did take a bit and grateful for the time of the customer service rep to get it back for me. 

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