Wednesday 12 January 2022

Day 27 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

Little Magick today what I spent on those SVG images last night I regained through an refund today. Little thing but big thing by way of how you think about things.. Of course I did find some more other character files to buy, but my first intention ended up working out. The refund came from an actual other PVSZ thing so while different still the same thing-ish. funny how things work out. 

Received my Yves Rocher Vanilla Mist today. This specific vanilla scent is my favorite. I can not describe how the scent dances through your senses. I have not bought this for myself in many years actually so I indulged in it. It is not expensive by any means and the hair and body mist is only $14.00 for 100 ml, just for a long time I left myself out. I do not do that anymore and it really brings you down. So word of advice coming from a place of knowing, make yourself count every once in awhile. I have zero affiliation with Yves Rocher and this post is not sponsored. It is just yet another small but very big thing for me personally and self care well being. 


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