Thursday, 13 January 2022

Day 28 of Life and Stuffz

Day was amazing if this was the only thing that had happened. Given a Marilyn Monroe Pez Dispenser. Pez candy is missing cause kiddo took them for his Spiderman Pez before I could snap a pic. 

Ordered some candy molds a few days ago and got them delivered today. It was quite quick really and quality is amazing. I am not sponsored or anything; but if you need some items go check out the small Canadian business. Christine's Molds. She does ship to the US now.

Interesting story with the delivery service CanPar. A few years back okay over a decade and a bit, I was actually saved by the same Canpar driver Twice. I was hurt very badly and he happened to be bringing in a delivery to the store I was at and helped me and then a few months later I spun out on the road and the same guy helped me again. Both times in his Canpar truck. I should have listened to the Universe then but it went over my head I guess, but I seriously believe the guy that delivered this today was the same guy. I will ask him the next time I see him. Pretty wild. 

 Day out in the trenches picked up wine from Magnotta, at a few other stores, kiddo wanted Wendy's. A hack for Wendy's is just buy the  Value meal 5 pack of nuggets and ask for a toy. Toys are usually free or a buck to donate to Dave's Charity, and nuggets cost only $2.40. Kiddo does not eat fries and we always drink water and have it ion hand when driving; so paying over 5 bucks for a kids meal that only includes 4 nuggets is kind of silly. 

Kiddo used whatever large coins in his piggie bank to grab some more items at the Dollar Tree. His haul. Finding those lost kittie toys was a score considering what they cost else where. 

Some animal tracks in the back yard. There is Kiddo shark tracks and then we actually do not know what caused the other ones if anyone has any clues. 

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