Saturday, 15 January 2022

Day 30 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 My 48th to the Earth day if you count it that way. Personally I am, and feel eternally 21. All a state of mind really. Was my moms 23rd birthday present as well. Kind of cool to have the same birthdate. 

 Celebrating this for myself has been lost on me for many many years now, I wrote of any celebration by way of it. My oldest son has no clue when my birthday is. It was well celebrated today though and had many blessings that have not been afforded for a long time. So there is gratitude in the fellowship and other small things. 

Birthday freebies are always the best. Mind did not drive around just to grab some of the freebies as the waste of gas for the price it is would defeat the purpose. Also the freebie ice cream cone from Marble Slab not so much a joy when it is 30 below holy F*&* cold out. Got the over priced Starbucks freebie though, that was good, and hot so even better. Was buy there anyhow on the mini staple stock up in case truckers ( rightfully as they should) shut it down for a bit. 

Littlest kiddo gifts to me.

Not big on material things, but was gifted a Cricut joy . Will say ecstatic is understatement. I started to save for my own one and to have it gifted a major gratitude. Of course the set up print had to be silver metallic lips for my pink water bottle, obvi. I love the  cut out to though, pretty cool. Needless to say that those SVG files I got a couple days ago will have use real soon and who knows the projects I will tackle. Thanks to hacks a lot of stuff can be purchased at dollar tree so bonus. 

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