Sunday 16 January 2022

Day 31 0f 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Full on just exploring the Cricut Joy today. That thing is so freaking awesome.

Created a keepsake card for the kitties. Will get some good pictures and add them so kiddo has a cool card to keep. cats are both just fine but making something now to just have on hand. Creating the mini pieces for my homemade calendar page for February. Also making the Valentine decorations. 

Eating-ish some of my Pot of Gold chocolates. Yuck those things are capital G G(ahhh)ross. Seriously what is going on with the quality of things. Like are people really that gone that money money money , cut quality and ingredients just a make a buck is the only thing important in life. Workers in the factories seem to not give a shit either by evidence of all the stuff I have had to throw out over the last few years. Coming from factory unusable yet of course that fact hidden from grocery store purchase till home and opened. Most things handmade anyway but when they are times you have to grab some shelf staple processed food you want to be able to eat or use it. 

Finally had a game afternoon and played Jumanji , the original one. Takes a bit to figure it out. Played that and Super Mario Monopoly. Kiddo did okay he did of course cry and get upset over nothing really, but as is the case on most game days, nights etc. 

Feel a migraine brewing so doing some pressure points work in ear at specific points then doing some facial shiatsu to curb it. Been doing really well actually. had just a headache in November, only 1 and I managed to get rid of it before a full on attack came and from then until today have not had anything since, which is a miracle for me considering how many a month I was getting. I seem to be getting a handle and control and that is a huge thing I am so grateful for. My life seems to not have to revolve around headache days and it is days, because the migraine lasted no less than 24 hours as the shortest time, not to mention what it takes out of you for you could still be not so good a few days after  either. Been able to live a lot which is a huge thing. 

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