Monday 17 January 2022

Day 32 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

Cricut fun and made myself some Witchy confetti. Kiddo took the mini cats on me so they are not pictured.

Got my order of Patchouli roll on from West Coast Pure. They have a shop on Etsy that is how I found them , give them a gander. Not at all sponsored just giving a small biz shout out. Smells divine. 


Well Snow. The amount dumped on us last night and still snowing has not been this significant in many any years. We do normally get a storm every single year at our birthday , but 2 days late this year, but not this bad by way of how much snow came down. Normally an ice storm , but this snow event closed  everything down just the same. 

Fun for kiddo anyway. 

Not so much fun when the plows go by. Seriously they do not need to plow right up to the sidewalk. They re blocked everyone in both sides of the street for no reason really. I get it but a couple inches out would not make any difference for them but would make a difference for the sidewalks. Was out almost the whole day helping neighbors dig out from snow hell. The day kind of time warped also. 

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