Tuesday 18 January 2022

Day 33 of 365Days of Life and Stuffz

 What a day!!

Lots of cleaning and the normal pondering over what the heck to eat. The main bane of my existence is the city plow drivers. Now I fully appreciate and am grateful for all the work they do to clean the streets and the long hours they have to work, well when there is actually snow. The issue I have is the inconsideration of how they actually plow. There is no reason or need for them to plow so damn close to drive ways and sidewalks that they fully cover over said areas when they pass by. If there is so much so and they are so close that they are exposing grass and concrete there is a problem. They are dumping to much in certain areas and seemingly targeting corner homes. There is too much goddamn snow as it is, so bring out your little cat and dump trucks and take the snow away. Leaving hard to move huge boulders at ends of driveways and making sidewalks impassable is uncalled for they do not need to do that. Not like the city gives a shit anyway, they should have more care. 

A little close to the curb making an unpassable corner.

Driveways and covered sidewalk. Thank you so much for the unnecessary extra work I had to do today. I only made a safe passable walk way for my mom. Any one bitches to city well I have the proof their workers caused the problem so not my concern now. You want it clean to how we had it, bring the cat and dump truck and cart the snow away.  

Love Yves Vegie burgers. I load it with pickles, horseradish, BBQ sauce, relish, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and more. Taste so amazing. Can not wait to try Mary Browns Veggie chicken burger and their fried pickle chips. Saw an advert for them so must try them out also as I did for KFC. Not sponsored obvi. 

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