Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Day 34 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Migraine did it head rearing for a few days and was able to fend if off until today. Only a level one so still would be major pain if migraines are not your thing, but for me a level one is manageable. did the off and on all day, none of my tricks worked to completely keep it away, but I am sure it is why only a level one, I will take it. Pretty sure over tired and so until I can get an actual peaceful rest don't think it will subside to quickly. But I am functioning and able to function, yeah the nausea is there and the pain, but before I could barely parent, or let alone open an eye even half way so there is that to be thankful for. 

Took the car out to get a few staples for kiddo and realized the opening of the driveway was just enough to get out but not enough at the same time so had to chunk away more of that shit also. It was much milder and tons melted, though the amount that dumped it did not make that much of a difference.

I did clear out the Krave cereal off the shelf. I did do that. That stuff is hard to find and kiddo is a picky eater , part of issues and when I can find it and at a reasonable price I clear the shelf. 

Cats with their treats though you can not see the treats as the cats are hoovering them up. I should not buy them either because as soon as they know treats are in the house they are little shits till they clean the bag. None stop bugging or rustling of the bag to get it open. 

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