Friday, 21 January 2022

Day 36 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Impromptu Cricut supply haul at Dollar tree. Of course kiddo has to get some stuff. So he def used up next months allowance already that is for sure. Wanted to grab some stuff today just incase with out truckers protesting the ridiculous mandate here there may be some bare shelves. More about the truckers tomorrow as that is when the convoy starts across Canada. They have my support. 

These packs of scrap card stock are awesome for the price. $1.25 per pack at dollar tree compared to almost 4 times that anywhere else. I found them hidden, I found someone's hoard and took it all. 

Excited about this ink transfer pen , no other colours but great to test if it works. As with all the other pens I picked up. 

Part of kiddos. Those Lost Kitties I tell ya. But can not get them this cheap anywhere else and he wants to collect them.  

Pink clay is the sign of the all to elusive Super rare. He was so happy, as out of the 10 boxes he got 3 were super rare. He nearly flipped. He opened to blind boxes rare in a row. Both the exact same kittie also. Those pop things to fidgit things we never cared for , but bc they had some there and green his fave colour we snacthed one up. 1.25 vs the 10 bucks plus every where else, heck yeah. 

Kiddo took lots of pics of Garfield today his master shots below. He has a ton he has taken of his Freya over the couple years since we have had her, but he has only been with Garfield since Nov. so he wanted some keepsakes of him. 

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