Saturday, 22 January 2022

Day 37 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 If you are a Nightmare on Elm Street fan; the Valentines day contest for this year is open. FREDDY VALENTINES CONTEST . I spent the whole night last night myself creating the best ever card. Mine has already been submitted. I am just sharing the contest in case you are a fan and didn't get the email last night or were not aware. Only a few days to submit also. I have no affiliation what so ever with Robert Englund, the Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise or Freddy himself, though I truly wish I did. 

Full on thought I was going to channel my inner HandyMan Chick and install the bathtub drain overflow and waste thingy from the new tub install yesterday. But thanks to shottie rottie pipes a plumber or handy man  is needed to just take one piece off and saulder a new one back on. I could do it, if I had a guy to train me and brought all the tools needed. Was so looking forward to doing that install myself but can not now.  At least I was able to put up the foam as a semi fix for the front door till spring and can find a new screen. It's cold. My mommas house just needs some TLC and glad to full circle help by doing whatever I can for her. 

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