Monday, 24 January 2022

Day 39 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Early to Service Ontario for renewals. We hit the line just in time. After us, the whole place packed up. Had we arrived even a minute later it would not have been an easy fast wait. 

kiddos owl from his haul

Did a bit of a Michaels shopping haul. No grab bags yet, the cashier said February most likely. I will score some of those bags this year, I will, I will.  There were a lot of clearance items anyway, so grabbed a few things. Saved almost 87 bucks so that is awesome. Kiddo of course had a haul of goods. The cashier also gave him 2 freebie gifts. He off course needed to have a large Owl beanie boo and a Super Mario perler bead set. Not like he is way in to April now with pre-spending his 20 bucks for the month.

You saved 86.53 love that. 

He has already made some of his perler things.
Kiddos haul with the owl and the Super Mario perler set
The cat painting figure actually lights up. Labelled as Xmas so anything that was 75 % off.

The 2 freebies from the cashier. The pencil crayons in the one are actually those water color pencil crayons so that is cool.
My haul with some amazing paper, plastic, vinyl's. I grabbed all they had left on the shelf of the very large empty ornaments and grabbed 2 boxes of glass ones as well. all to make into personalized gifts etc. Getting a lot of stuff ready to sell at markets and the like.  

Misophonia...... I have it and it is one of those days where kiddo thinks that each nanosecond of each second of each minute of each hour this afternoon needs to be filled with a sound. It isn't even a Tourette tic vocal flare up , he just won't stfu. Good thing I can just get out of the same area and ear shot. There is also wine in the house so that helps too. 

Seriously down to almost nothing on the internet. Goodreads;  barely went in there over the last few years but figured would enter a contest or 2 then realized they have partnered with Amazon and you need to have an Amazon account for Goodreads, so buh bye. 

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