Tuesday 25 January 2022

Day 40 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Laundry, shovel/snow blow, other nit picks needed done today. Done all before noon. 

Got the woodland creatures set up for snacks again. Added the cat food to entice the beautiful crows that were circling and cawing while cleaning the sidewalks. Need to have my protector.

Working on Spell intended floss bracelets. It is too bad that the picture does not pick up the sharpness of the neon. So glad I found neon floss at Michaels yesterday. Had been searching for that for quite some time. Priced excellent. Missing is blue and more vibrant pink so still on the look out for those colours, but the skeins I picked up yesterday are perfect for what I want to do for now. Thankfully can get back into all my crafting and handmade spell Witchy crafted gifts. Have some much stuff made magickally intended in the trailer so can't wait to get the rest of all that stuff in the spring. One be too long now since we are already almost to February. 

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