Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Day 41 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz

 I am pondering if I will miss any days throughout the year. I won't technically miss days as posts will still be made but in all fairness to life and whether I have free wifi if I do go anywhere , posts may; in the summer be uploaded on an off. I am determined to never miss a day, just the upload may have an alter here or there. 

Still working on the first room in the house getting rid of the old paint on the trim. Kind of just snail pace now until spring, then can actually do a lot more.  

Took a leap where a certain person is concerned and hope it pans out. Not a romantic quest as still sadly  looking for that but very important to my immediate life. It better pan out. 

In terms of romantic life areas I just want a real man. Like a rugged Viking, Cowboy, non feminist man. That is the kind of man I want and I am sticking to it.

Found awesome lanterns on Cricut design space for Chinese New Year so making some of those. They can be re worked and reused in so many cool ways. 

Red Wine flowing for this evening. Well it is important for woman at my age for our heart health to drink red wine and eat dark chocolate. 😂

The Freddy Valentine date to submit is tomorrow. I am just excited to have sent a card in. 

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