Friday, 28 January 2022

Day 43 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Migraine left me just after 10:30am but the headache after the migraine did not wane completely till after 2:30pm and rest of day and night just soreness right now. Gotta love those 24 hour migraines, not. 

Kiddo did some painting. He also started his nutcracker but it messed up so I can not show that yet; and of course I need to sand off with a nail file the mistakes so he can fix them. 

Pulled out my seed stash to just mull it over and see what I need for this year. Not all shown in photos, i have lots. I am stocked incase we need to survive off what we can grow lol .I can not wait for my kiddo to finally have his own pumpkin patch. Hopefully can get a black currant bush growing. trying from seed, but may try and get hold of a already grown one, who knows. Just being able to garden this year is enough for me. Flowers, veggies, fruits. Oh I must plant strawberry and blueberries too. If I can get ahold of a gooseberry bush that would be sweet too. 

Also been way past time that I should have received my cheque back from the 407. I had called on January 11. But maybe this week. 

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