Saturday 29 January 2022

Day 44 of 365 days of Life and Stuffz


Trying to keep the ice away on the sidewalks is near to impossible. We are using the environmental stuff made out of veggies and it works really well but it is just way to cold now. Remembered kiddo had  some play sand and actually mixed the 2 together with positive results. Sand at least adding the traction needed for the ice. Issues with how people are walking their dogs also is actually causing the ice problem. The paw print tracks is evidence enough. You actually have to see the whole scenario to get it.

Lots of cleaning on the inside of course. Big floor clean and sanitize today as normal day was spent with a migraine.

Heat stealer cat. As soon as heat comes on you can find Garfield toasting himself in from of the vents. Not to happy when you disturb his warming session. 

People and their dog crap, come on. It is disgusting and gross and people need to pick it up. If you can't take care of your animal then don't have one. Picking up their crap and disposing of it properly is part of pet ownership. 

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