Sunday, 30 January 2022

Day 45 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz (Thoughts and Carrot Muffins)

 Some thought provoking thoughts today and carrot cake muffins

When someone has a different opinion or view than you, you need to listen. Talk in a proper debate way and get to understand each other. It is so eye opening to see that those who have a difference of opinion or questions that legitimately need answers to are discredited before their second sentence can leave their lips. They are cut off and immediately mis-labelled and dismissed as though their views and concerns are invalid and worth shit. That is why we have so many problems and divides. You can't let one side speak and discredit all the other sides. As much as some may not like it, everyone has voice and their own opinions that they are entitled to have. How I feel about things is none of your business, just as how you feel about things is none of my business, but we do owe to each other for the other to have a voice. Every opinion has value, every single one, no matter the belief behind it. You can't silence one to placate the other even if the silenced voice is a not so nice opinion. This is how divides and the fanatics' are born that cause serious dangers to others. We really all need to take a step a back and allow those with different opinions to voice or ask. What are you afraid of, that maybe they have some substance to what they are saying or questioning and you don't want to feel like you may be wrong? It does not feel good that when you try to speak you are shushed and shunned and told the other person does not want to talk about that but whistle a tune with someone who has the same opinion as them.  This goes for every single subject under the sun.

Everyone has a reason for why they have the beliefs and views that they have. Sure some can be from ignorance and learned prejudices etc  but also from life traumas and learned behaviours from experience. But by listening to each other to listen and hear not just reply, we can learn something about one another and have compassion for why and how each other feels and thinks the way we do. 

Carrot Muffins:  Recipe after pics

You can see a drier dough than most, meant to be this way.
They do not expand more than height you fill muffin cups. 

Mix Together

1 1/2 C flour

1 C sugar

cinnamon to taste I used a TSP

I used about a TSP of pumpkin spice blend 

1 TSP baking powder

sprinkle of salt , and a dash thrown over left shoulder

sunflower seeds


( you do not have to add the seeds) 

Stir all these together then add to centre

2 eggs

1/2 C plus 1/3 oil 

2 Tsp of vanilla 

Stir all together , dough will be on the drier side, not a runny dough

Then fold in 2 shredded carrots. 

Drop by big spoonfuls into lined muffin pan. This can make a cake or a loaf. 

I cooked it at 350 for maybe 25 min. My kitchen Witch side does not time anything and I go by scent and intuition for cooking times but I am pretty sure about 25 minutes. Keep an eye on them and you can do the toothpick test to be sure. You never want to over bake anyway. It will spread but does not expand so not a huge muffin. 

I made cream cheese icing and just blended 1/2 bar of cream cheese with about 1/3 C of butter , a TSP of vanilla, and about 1/4 C of icing sugar. 

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