Monday 31 January 2022

Day 46 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

The last day of January, at least bright and somewhat warm. With of course the threat of a more major snow storm starting Wednesday happens to be the scheme of groundhogs day, day and a normal day for a storm. There is usually some sort of crazy ice storm in February so we shall see. We are headed to Spring quite quickly and I love it. 

Got everything ready for taxes so will do that some day easily online and submit the day Netfile opens.
Apart from straightening up and cleaning the craft zones clutter, the only thing today is carving out a hole in the snow banks for the green bin to go out, woot woot. Tomorrow is supposed to be quite warm so a nice scenic walk with pockets full of bird seed is the ticket. 
Wohoo I like money days when you are so aligned that money comes. Had a quick payout that I wasn't expecting till next month sometime just appear and woot the 407 refund cheque just showed.

Had to impromptu haul at Giant Tiger for kiddo to have his popcorn chicken at still a low awesome price thank goodness. He opted for some frozen pizza even though if we had ordered from Dominoes could have gotten an extra large today (for just 2 bucks more than this silly box frozen stuff)being half price Monday, but he is so picky when it comes to food, I will feed him whatever he will eat. Always a daily addition of his Vit C and D. 

Oh ya decided on lunch for tomorrow and can not wait. Homemade gourmet pizza and will show it tomorrow and what I made. 

This is why I sprinkle food for the woodland creatures. I just love when they stop for a snack. 
And this Grey Squirrel posed for me this time. 
I love all our woodland creatures so much, they just remind you that life is perfect and good, no matter how you feel or situation you are in. Just tweek your vibration. Today was a day of small things becoming big things so I am reminded how it really is. 

Life for us had not been like this for a long time and I am so grateful that finally we have aligned ourselves perfectly to be where we are. Sadness and dispair have weaned away and happiness is finally here. 


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