Friday, 7 January 2022

KFC Plant Based Box meal Muck-Blog-Bang

I will coin adding blog to the bang (since you won't be watching me eat) and add the c, but you can read about it.

For $12.49 you can get a plant-based sandwich boxed meal. You get a burger, popcorn chicken, fries, salad, dip and a drink.( choice of 1 of 3 cans of pop or you could pay to get a water , juice or plastic bottle of pop) The cookie shown was an actually a freebie as we had to wait their system forgot to send in my pick up order. We choose to mix up the sides so we could share. A corn and a coleslaw.

Plant based popcorn chicken was for the kiddo and what a stealth way to get him to eat it. Picky sort that one. But thanks to the original KFC coating and fried in same oil as the chicken, you can never tell. So should add that while the meal is plant based, your meal could very well be cooked in same oil as the chicken, so best to check the store before you go if it is an important issue. Website specifies this as well as a possible could happen. He loved them anyway, of course he said they taste different but still ate them and liked them so bonus. 
I did not know KFC had corn and to be fair been over a year since I last ate there so I would not know anyway. They were spiced with fresh herbs, so buttery and salty. Very delish side I would get that the next time you go to give it a try.

This burger was amazing. With the original coating and spice blend to the texture of the "meat", you can not tell it was a plant anything. No of course does not taste exactly like chicken. You can see from the cut how much like a chicken breast it looks like though. 
It was such a great ,meal. Are they over charging because of the fad and calling it plant based, hell yes they are. Sometimes though you deserve a a yummy lunch that you have been craving for. 

What else are you going to do with fries; except turn them into poutine. Especially when you have been craving some. They were not the freshest either but when loaded with gravy and fresh far curds you can't tell the difference. While getting our order late made everything fresh in terms of the plant based meats, pretty sure the fries suffered from the wait. 

This yummy poutine goodness helped satisfy the want for A&W poutine at the same time so win win. 

The 7Up from the meal was not enough on it's own and it needed a few additions also just like the fries. I love when drinks layer each other in colors till you stir and enjoy.
I am writing this just because I feel like it , nothing is sponsored and I have no affiliation with any branded name or product I posted in the blog. 

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