Sunday 2 January 2022

Okay Universe show me what you got, Manifest edition

 You might as well start with something small, but extremely significant from childhood. I adore this book from my childhood called The Peculiar Miss Pickett. She resonates with me and from the minute I read it the first time it became my most favorite piece of literature even to this day. Written by Nancy R Julian early 70's I believe or earlier. 

I do not know what happened to my childhood copy , as that book was one thing I coveted. well I can guess from what had happened to a lot of the things  I owned; it's fate. I have a feeling my book could be where a lot of my stuff ended up ( stolen from me) at my Aunt's house, will see.

But here we are, will use the power of manifesting to physically have a copy to own and cherish once again, at some point this year. 

Lets see how it goes. I affirm I want a copy of that book, bonus points for my exact copy of this book now in my hands. Not significant by way of being a material thing, but some Magick in a few different instances.

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