Tuesday 1 February 2022

Day 47 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Nature busting out of the snow just in the back yard.

Kale is a trooper I tell ya. So funny how it grew up past the high snow in the garden and growing above it all.
Just some lowly chive seeds that I took to harvest for next year. I am not sure how I missed these ones when I harvested late fall, and how they have stood through everything the elements have thrown at them. Magick.
Just thought this was pretty so took the pic. 

Squirrel from home grabbing his goodies I leave out. This black squirrel is always here so was surprised yesterday that I could see the grey one. 

What a glorious walk through the trail this afternoon. Minus of course the amount of dog piss and crap almost every step of the way , but glorious none the less. (Seriously why are people so disgusting when it comes to dogs and not have a care or respect for anyone) .

Birds a plenty out and about, a Chickadee was slow close to my vibration to land but nope not today. I need to align that , feeding birds from my hand is such an amazing feeling. So clos to nature and the connection is so amazing. The one did get real close, but maybe not used to hand feeding here as they are at a trail at Riverside park, so will likely go there. I know many will land and feed there. 

The entrance to the woods. 

A squirrel was very close as well, just staring and having a chit chat. Found an insane amount of beaver chomped trees as well. Was hoping to actually see one for my kiddos sake. 

The river was flowing in some areas and frozen solid in others. 

Kiddo decided to draw some pics in the snow along the way as a marker and he wanted to make people smile and stop and wonder who drew the pictures. 

We found a hidden rock with some sticker sheet that kiddo said was Youtubers. Of course we left them there for others to find we just took some pics.  

A gift was left for us so of course I took the feather. 

Such cool fungi also.

And other pics. 

Some different tracks.

A small birds nest. 

This was cool some many Woodpecker holes.

Kiddo was placing bird and small critter feed all around. 

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