Friday, 4 February 2022

Day 50 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz


When everything aligns just like Magick. As soon as I saw this game I put out the gratitude of thanks for aligning for this to happen and acknowledged the Vortex Magick of Alignment also. Back story for this game... Kiddo loves the Lost Kitty Collectables and I wanted to try some how and find this game for his birthday this year. Needless to say it was a chore and a half to even find this game since it came out in 2018 and no stores that I could find had carry it anymore. I did find some of the games listed on Posh mark with crazy high prices then the shipping cost on top. I put it out of my thoughts though and figured meh it will just show and and like Magick today it did. Took kiddo to Dollarama and there in the toy section were 3 of these games just calling out my name. I purchased all 3 games that were there. Instead of Birthday since he would have to wait till April just squaring it away as a Valentine gift. I am gifting one to my grandsons and probably will gift to nieces and nephews or another kiddo in need. Silly little game yet again proving things can happen like Magick if you are aligned to them. 

Kiddos Dollarama Haul. 
That 20 a month kind of went out the window considering he is well into almost May for having his 20 bucks for this year so far. Some of the stuff though to cool to leave behind. Lots of snacks that he needed for his snack pack box and I did buy ahead for summer activities for the trailer so they do not count. Kiddo stood on a ladder to take this pic himself after he laid everything out. Missing he says is him just chocolate tim-bits bc he did not get those at Dollarama. 
Kiddo got some new cool toys called Rainbow In Pieces. They are undead Unicorns and pretty cool. They came out in 2019 and I did a search and they are out of stock most places with no less than a 14.99 price tag. We scored them for 4 bucks each and they are actually a really cool faux funko pop type thing with a collector card also. He ended up with 2 because the clerk over charged us 4 games instead of 3 and since you can not get any sort of refund we had to pick something else. Turned out just fine anyway with the trade off. They are very detailed and good construction. The death certificate for the Zombie Uni is pretty neat addition.

I scored some really cool papers and vinyl there as well for the cricut. The price was amazing also. $1.25 and 2 bucks, again blowing the price from say Michaels out of the water.( Their stuff costs a lot).
I am getting close to opening a shop with all the stuff I got going on. Well when I say close......

Soooooo, city plows and their absolute horseshit, seriously. I wish the pictures could show the size of the boulders and the actual mess they have made. I called the by laws officers and complained though this time and to my surprise I actually spoke to a real live human imagine that. Well they have made the sidewalk impassible and there is no way from the size of the snow that myself nor my 71 year old mother can clear it. It seems to be targeted here, left that as a complaint also. If you do not speak up for things that are wrong your voice in silenced. you can tell that they took every bit of snow from the whole street and just dumped it on the sidewalk. From what I heard was done last year to my mom and how they laughed after they covered over the sidewalk while she was still shoveling is some target. It has been going on for 3 years, wish I had known but here and can fix it now. She should not have been shoveling anyway but that is another long story. At least I am here to help her now. 

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