Saturday 5 February 2022

Day 51 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Kiddo made Falcors head. The luck dragon from NeverEnding Story. The snow was not good enough for us to make anything else but he was happy with Falcors head of sorts.

Freya is the master of the treats. 

Oh yeah; and that is why you call shit out and give yourself a voice. looks like someone or someone's got in crap for what was done by the plow. Seems someone has had to come and shovel the boulders and crap away. Have no clue who did it but you can tell from how it was shoveled someone was not happy. Well note to self than, don't be a dick. A neighbor could have done it also but I do not think so, I actually hope not as the drivers needed to be held responsible and made to clear it up. 

Broke my toe pretty bad today. 

Lots of cleaning and all laundry done. 

Thinking about spring and all the veggies we are going to grow. Some fruits as well. Can finally create a tea garden and a Witch spell herb garden. I can not wait. The pumpkin patch for my kid is the best part can't wait for. Of course different squashes and the decorative only pumpkins will be in there to. 

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