Tuesday 8 February 2022

Day 54 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Michaels, I really need to stop going there lol. I have rarely ever shopped there as it is way to over priced for my liking but I am trying to snag a 5 bag,:  maybe ! just one to haul-a-blog about it. ( I have coined that phrase as well). Walking in today and seeing just how much Christmas Stuff they have there is no way bags will come anytime soon. I grabbed a lot of stuff at 80% off though and I am okay with paying to get what I got. 

As you can see from the receipt I saved 160.63. For what I got well worth the 50 bucks it cost. yeah getting a ton of the stuff crammed in a bag for 5 bugs is the better deal, but can not see them having those soon with the amount of Xmas stock they have. They need to get as much out of it as possible and still only down to 80%. Over half of what was on the shelves today were not even out the last haul we got, and some of what I got I was not leaving on the shelf. 

The haul all jumbled together. There is a lot mixed together there. So many amazing Christmas projects for this year. We are already set with everything we need craft and maker wise.  

Scoring this perler bead stuff was worth the whole visit. I took every bit I could find on the shelves. All perler stuff cost 18 bucks and the original price for just the perler stuff was 90 bucks both prices do not included the tax. Not like we will make the designs and just wanted the beads and the SUPER PEGBOARDS WOOOOTTT 
This super pegboard just alone costs 18 bucks to buy it without anything else. Win win. My grandsons get one and some of the xmas color mix as well. Have to give prezzies and spoil since I am finally in a place that I can. 

Here is a PSA for anyone that buys those 10 pairs of socks from Giant Tiger. STOP BUYING OR WEARING. Who knows what is on those socks now, but they seem to be eating peoples feet and causing foot problems. 3 out of 3 people in this household have all been affected and directly linked to those socks. They are the ones that run between 5-7 bucks. (well actually think they upped the price) but the 10 pack thy have the cheapies for women, kids and men. Remember those flipflops and other shoes that were eating peoples feet, all made from the same place I do not need to call it out, so who knows what are in these socks. But we had to piece it together and these socks are to blame. 

Was so nice out this morning and this afternoon. Sun was shining. There was a lull though earlier where it was windy, grey, and snowing but only lasted as long as we were in Michaels. 

Love not having to pay for that cricut subscription, I still have a few days but I found the best free SVG site I am golden. 

Getting everything ready in head and start writing it down everything I am going to make and sell. I have so much stuff made already up at the trailer but I am going to get a master game plan together and just add in those things. Most of what I have is magickally and spell intended as I have been THE original creator of a lot of Witchy Magickal things. I am just not ever going to share anymore ideas till selling. I do not mind those who have stolen my creative idea and tried to make it their own, we all have our own unique Magick so even when things are the same, they are actually different. Before you buy things, a person's energy goes in to everything they make. 


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