Friday 11 February 2022

Day 57 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Kiddo fell down a few stairs and knocked the wind out of himself. Did that calming breathing exercise where you hold your kiddo and make them sing as you hug them. The premise is they can hear your heart beat, mimic your breath to calm down and be able to take deep breathes. the singing helps them open their air ways. This was amazing advice from the physio lady from the hospital. ( Not from this time but when I almost lost him a few years ago.) I almost lost both kiddos. My first born when he was 2 months old and my youngest when he was 7 or 6 maybe. It was so traumatic with my youngest right from the hop and I should be suing 2 hospitals over what happened to us type thing that I have put it out of my mind, well trying. 

Just so peaceful watching these kitties sleep. Mind they will perk up when we need sleep and cause shit. But they look so serene and peaceful now. 

The same group thing kiddo is in for waffle Wednesdays he got the Valentines treat bag and we made brownies today. 

They are actually so freaking good. Some with less batter are perfect brownies, but then the ones not quite cooked through are lava cake brownies and OMG so freaking good. They turned out perfect in everyway. 

I am creating a lot of personalized vinyl's and things so really going to sell some stuff larger scale.If you want a personalized decal that comes with up to 5 words and 1 sold figure let me know. Can be and say whatever you want. Between 5 and 6 bucks plus shipping. 
 This is a special mug I made.

Reach out if you want something. I like to send just the vinyl for you to put on whatever you want as more cost effective and easier to mail, however I can make anything personalized and you would just have to pay to have it shipped. 

(Fair Use of the Picture) 

Have you seen this show. I love it. Just came out this year and I really love the premise and how each episode is about 1 person. 

The weather outside is Bullshit. lol 

Ohhhhhh so days ago when I called the Bylaw officer about the plow and what they have done.... so someone who was actually parked out front had their mirror from their plow knocked off. They called the city and right away city was like yeah send us the bill. That never happens, but bc of said target here and someone not from this house having their car damaged they were like yeah......

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