Saturday 12 February 2022

Day 58 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Just make fun of everyday. Some wisdom for today. I hope it hits someone with more Magick and happiness than they have ever felt before. 

Cleaned lots today. But dang the sanitizer for the floor stopped working so hand to manually wash and disinfect all the floors. But it is exercise so that is a ok. 

Holy crap anyone else wake up tp a skating rink outside. While being on a corner property is amazing for the space; the amount of sidewalk to clean off is horrendous.  The driveway alone about 3 inches thick of ice and the bottom of the driveway at least 10. Did what I could. I give way to much energy to keep it clean , but I have a 71 year old mom ;who I can not let fall in any way shape or form. Her safety means I will do and spend whatever time I have to, to make sure she does not fall when she is out and about. 

Really did not much else all day and then spent a bit of time with a few glasses of wine and watched Ancient Aliens, The Truth is Out There, and the other one.  

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