Monday, 14 February 2022

Day 60 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 Sharktopus Movie  HAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHA enough said. Next level stupid compared to Sharknado ones and they were horrible. though when you need to dumb yourself down and forget life through a stupid movie, this one will do. 

Thanks to half price Mondays at Dominoes and having a free money on my Starbucks account we got some Valentine treaties. Big mistake in being Dominoes first order of the day and asking for lightly done. It all came raw and we had to cook it for about 15vminutes to even be able to eat it. I forgot to take off lightly done, as I completely forgot ovens would not have had time to heat up and have not been used so much at that time. Middle of day with a high heat oven being over worked, lightly done id perfect, meh first order of the day not so much. We never get it cut cause kiddo likes a head size piece as his first one, so they would have known it was raw if I had it cut. Note to self though to remember that first orders need reg cook time cause ovens have not ran enough to generate heat. 

So raw when I cut into it. Just all dough.

I got no ice in my Kiwi/Starfruit refresher. Ice takes up to much room.

Kiddo got a couple things today. Was only supposed to get the Lost Kitties game but ended up with some bags of candy and a couple more toys.
The Lost Kitties game is pretty cool. I had to lose on purpose bc I had no idea their was a treasure in the putty in the centre of the game so he needed to find the treasure. I know exactly how bad it would have been if I got the surprise prize lol. 

Kiddo made me 2 puzzles to make for Valentines. 

Randomness the carrots are full grown , regrowing themselves from the bag. 

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