Friday, 18 February 2022

Day 64 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

 You know those days when you just feel lost and have no clue what you need or what you want just lost. Feel that way today. Ended up going to the mall and walking around there in a few stores. We bought some stuff but reasons for going in nothing I actually need from certain places were there. But none of that was satisfactory either, it did not call my soul. 

There was a crazy deal at No Frills and Kleenex was 2.99 for a 6 pack and that never happens. So did I buy 3 yeah, I would have and should have bought more but I did not. I may go back tomorrow though lol.

Kiddo was happy we used the Wendy's hack again and got him 5 piece nuggets and a toy for 2.40. He got a wallet and key chain from Ardene as boy centric as we could, so a pizza wallet and a game key chain. He of course got some goodies as I had to jet into Dollarama.

Plows caused a mess yet again and I admit I went full "Karen" when I called, but seriously speak up for yourself or you will get no where in life. Now I usually clear away everything, but my mom went out wanted to get exercise and help today. I get it, I have to stop feeling the need to protect her and do everything; cause she is more than capable of helping. It was the sight of her though and the cold showing in her cheeks and what the plows did. 

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