Sunday, 20 February 2022

Day 66 of 365 Days of Gratitude

 Kiddos pic he made for his thumbnail for his Youtube Video for today. VIDEO AT END OF POST NOT TOO FAR DOWN PLEASE WATCH IT! THANK YOU...

 He has started a #CookingShow ish so sharing that as the only thing for today. Hopefully you can help him out and subscribe. While I teach him that nothing to do with social media has any bearing on his life., just seeing what 4 views in the few seconds of uploading he got and how it made him beam from ear to ear, I am okay with asking for a like and subscribe thing. He has been taught the fundamentals of likes not equating to anything solid in real life; nor that they make you any better of a person than anyone else, but too much crap is happening in the World right now and sadly hard to stomach what is going on in my supposed free country right now; a few likes on social media to cause happiness for my kiddo is alright by me. 

So here is a link to his video and please subscribe or like it for him. 

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