Wednesday, 23 February 2022

Day 69 of 365 Days of Life and Stuffz

Kiddos Video for today. Please Subscribe and like.  Yes mommy is shamelessly plugging and asking for him, but this is fun, joy etc compared to all the other sadness in our World today. 

The other Dollar Tree did not have much by way of new colours but was able to get 4 more. I will keep adding to collection anyway. This vinyl makes awesome stickers. Not easy to cut detailed cuts but that is a okay. They also had really cool sheets I found hidden so grabbed one of them too. Of course kiddo filled the cart with toys he wanted and we got ripped off by a buck 25 but was a nice outing none the less.  The pics of kiddo painting are of some of the wooden toys he picked up. Of course he found tons of lost kitties and got all 5 repeats.

Not sure what the rescindment means and why the about face but enough to breathe a sigh of relief again. Powerful , powerful speeches in the Senate especially what was said by David Neil Plett. As our Country is so divided( and it is); duty of all of us to hear and listen to what has been going on and take in all sides so we have a better understanding of each other. It is upsetting that we are so divided against each other and just how easily it was able to happen; no matter what history we know of. It is like we never learnt or cared about it the mistakes and failings of times past. 

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